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Ponies. In. SSSSSPAAAAAAAaaaaaaccccccceeeeee! (looking for 1-3 players)

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So, you just woke up... what is this weird steel building you're in? Why are you wearing uniforms labeled "ESP Program" and most importantly... why is everything so badly damaged and how did you even get here???


So, in a nutshell, the M6 and Spike wake up from Chryogenic Storage with no memory how they got on this massive "Structure" (spaceship) and have to piece together what happened, while dealing with damaged corridors, constant risk of power-outage, foot/water shortages, and... other... even worse... things... 


One to three players! Pick two ponies (minus AJ, I have plans for her) and let's start exploring and see if you can even survive to unravel the mystery!


M6/Spike only, please. It will make a lot more sense as the plot progresses.


Twilight - ???

Spike     - ???

Pinkey - ???

Dash - ???

Rarity - ???

Fluttershy - ?

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You know what? Maybe I can play Mane 6. 


Wait, ain’t I already doing like ten different roleplays?

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