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So, I love Dnd, been playing for a while. My first edition was 2nd adnd, and I've played 3.0/5 as well as 5th. I've made some characters that I've loved, like a psion/soul knife gestalt that rolled a d4+d6+d8+d10+d12 for dmg, and added 10 to the result. It only worked on living sentient targets, and highest a.c. I could hit was 27, so not that great, also took a turn to be able to do it again... good times though.


Anyway, my new char is actually a version of Trixie using some homebrew stuff. She's the vulpin race from the Dnd wiki, and a magician class the dm found. I may have some trouble keeping her in char though, but so far she's been fun to play!


What about you guys' chars?

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