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Autumn Blaze (WiP)

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Name: Autumn Blaze
Sex: Female
Age: Mare/Dragoness
Species: Kirin
Eye colour: Amber
Coat: Light-gold gray with gold-gray ear tips.
Mane/Tail: Dull red-orange and curly,  a pronounced 'lion's mane' and thinly haired tail. with apple-green scales. Her horn is dark and moderate crimson.
Physique: Fit but unremarkable.
Residence: 'Kirin's Grove', The Peaks of Peril.
Occupation: Entertainer? Pundit? Writer? Self-Made Celebrity?
Cutie Mark: N/A
Unique Traits: Like most Kirin, she has an alternate transformation that comes out when her emotions run hot. Known as a Nirik, this form is all black with a purple and dark pink fire erupting and covering her mane, tail, and fetlocks. She is capable of exuding large gouts of flames, which can also be made to appear wherever she walks. 


Character Personality:
Character Summary:


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