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Flash Magnus (WiP)

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Name: Flash Magnus
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species:  Pegasus
Eye colour: Turquoise
Coat: Amber
Mane/Tail: Red
Physique: Prime athlete.
Residence: Canterlot. Formerly Cloudsdale
Occupation: Drill Sergeant of the Royal Guard. Former member of the Royal Legion of Cloudsdale, and technically the last surviving member.
Cutie Mark: Blue feather and mountain peaks.
Unique Traits: Has an intense, special kind of bravery that can inspire others. Expert in the use of old weapons and tactics and one of the greatest pegasi warriors of all time.


Character Personality:
Character Summary: Flash Magnus is a stallion of great bravery and honor, and always sees others through the lens of a worldview given breadth by his experiences before and after his time with the Pillars.



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