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Name: Top Story


Sex: male


Age: stallion


Species: unicorn


Eye color: green


Character color: brown


Mane/Tail/Other: grey/grey


Physique: Top Story is about the average size for a pony, although a little on the lean side from all the running he does. Gotta catch that story, you know?

Residence: Canterlot


Occupation: journalist


Cutie mark: Top Story’s cutie mark is a magnifying glass with a green triangle in it, symbolizing his specialty in journalism. The green triangle symbolizes his desire to write about secret societies in Equestria. Further details on how he got his mark are in the bio.


Unique traits: While persistent, it should be noted that Top Story is rather on the crazy side, in that he frequently jumps the gun in his reasoning and can come up with some pretty out there explainations, such as how he thought a private Nightmare Night party was actually a cult meetup.


History: When Top Story was a colt, he lived in Trottingham where he joined the school newspaper as a journalist. When he started his job as a journalist, he struggled for a story to write, and read some books and in one, he found out about several secret societies that have existed in Equestrian history. The stories fascinated him into wondering if the societies still existed. He thought he had his answer when he heard stories around school about a secret club that practiced dark magic. He spent days obsessing over finding this club, and when he did, he bursted through the door ready to question them, only to learn that it was a larping group. At that moment, he became embarrassed and apologized for interrupting and left grumbling. However, that day he vowed that he was going to find a real secret society in Equestria no matter what. This is where he gained his cutie mark, and he now works at the Trottingham Times, a newspaper company where he works as a journalist like he did in school.


Character personality: Top Story is highly persistent. Once he sets his mind to something, he pursues until something more interesting comes up. He once pursued a Pegasus because he was convinced he was a member of a secret society in Equestria, which turned out to be a disappointment as it was just a meetup to play Ogres and Oubliettes. He is still salty over the embarrassment when he barged in accusing them of cult activity. While being prone to making hasty decisions that usually involve gold metal levels of mental gymnastics, he still means well and will apologize for his accusations. Throughout multiple humiliating experiences, Top Story has never lost his spirit at any point. He always has a smile on his face, save for when he is making his usual accusations.


Character Summary:

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Howdy! Still working on finishing this one? :) 

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