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Ways to improve writing?

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So I am pretty new to writing (probably as you can tell :P). I have been interested in writing my own stories outside of Rping here. I figured i could practice sharpening my writing skills up here before i try anything else. On a day to day basis, I am constantly coming up with ideas and daydreams in my mind, and I would love to get them out of my head and onto a piece of paper, or screen. That's the problem tho, I have tried to articulate my ideas several times, But what i write or draw on the paper, and what i am imagining in my head doesn't always match up to my expectations , And it really frustrates me sometimes. Or sometimes I'll get that "good enough" attitude and leave everything lacking detail. Maybe I am expecting to much out of myself. 


Would anyone have any suggestions on who to overcome this, and able to write in a way that it goes into detail smoothly without lulling over the details?  Sorry if this is hard to understand. :P 

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Sometime you just have to take your time. I had a problem with that, I always felt Like I was on a deadline and if I couldn't meet it, then I should scrap it. But then I read how long it took for Metro 2033 to get written and I realised that I personally can't write something fast, especially with all the other things I have to do right now and I just had to accept that it's okay.


Still sucks. 

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