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Night Breeze [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: Main Rp
Name: Night Breeze 
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Unicorn 
Eye colour: Sky Blue 
Coat: Light Grey 
Mane/Tail:  A long mane, and tail, Mainly Brown in color with Blue stripes running through out
Physique:  Taller, with a Average build 
Residence: Canterlot 
Occupation: Works in a Spa as a therapist 

Cutie Mark: A swirly breeze effect wrapping around a heart. As a foal, Night Breeze always seemed to enjoy caring for other ponies and animals. She would often stop to help ponies in any way she could. Night Breeze would often spend her time in libraries looking for spells, as well as the Archives, on the few occasions she had access to it. Most of her time was spent looking for non harmful spells, She could just never imagine harming some pony else. On one such occasion a Spell she had learned would prove very useful in the quest of gaining her Cutie Mark. It had been a average day outside among other foals for a Young Night Breeze who was not quite in her filly years yet, When one of the foals crashed in a bush trying to do something. Catching it out of the corner of her eye, She rushed over with a concerned look on her face. Helping The foal out, She looked to see scratches and scrapes all along the pony from the crash in the bush full of scratchy twigs and branches. Night Breeze's mind raced as she thought of what to do to calm this foal. Her mind went back to a spell she had seen in a book he parents had gotten for he out of the library. Unsure if it would work, Night Breeze looked to the pony as she cast the spell with all her might, It had to be better than nothing. A woosh was heard as the spell surrounded the pony, Seemingly flowing all around the ponies body, as the scrapes seemed to slowly healed. She was no means good at it but it was working. Having Casted the spell for as long as she could, She stopped to see the pony was mostly healed up. The Young foal thanked her as He ran off to continue playing. She could hardly believe she managed to do, When looked to see something else she couldn't believe. A cutie mark!    


Unique Traits: Night Breeze found to have a talent in Positive magic such as Healing, and soothing magic to calm worried or angry ponies and possibly other creatures in her older foal years. To this day In her studies she has limited herself to non harmful spells only, and finds her self unwilling to harm any pony for any reason.  


History: Night Breeze was born in the outskirts of Canterlot. Her Family wasn't considered to be rich by any means in comparison to the elite that lived within the Canterlot, But they weren't poor either. Night Breeze's Life growing up had been pretty calm. She spent most of her free time roaming outside at night, She loves getting outside of the city where she can lay on a grassy hill and observe the stars in the sky on a peaceful night. She also loves rainy days, Not so much being out on those day but staying inside and listening to the rain hit the window. After getting her Cutie Mark she set out to make it her profession to care for others. Reaching her Filly years she attended a school to become a Physical Therapist. Having finished school she found a job at a Spa inside of Canterlot, where she to this day works at. Her parents have always been supportive of her in her journeys and try to help out as well. She now owns her own little home in the lower parts of Canterlot and travels inside to work everyday. Night Breeze hopes that one day she can save enough bits to buy her own place within the city to set up her own spa.    


Character Personality: Night Breeze has always been a very calm and collected pony, and often cares for ponies needs over anything, and often times observes ponies body language and tone of voice trying to discern and help any issues there might be. Some times one might think she is over caring or obsessed, But Night Breeze only wishes the best for other ponies. She is very hard to get agitated, and will always try to find a way to defuse any aggression another pony or creature might have against her.  

Character Summary: Night Breeze Is a very calm and collected pony. She Lives in the lower parts of Canterlot and works in a spa in town. She loves caring for others, and spending her time out in calm night away from the city. She is hard to anger, and will often find a way to calm a pony or defuse a argument in the calmest tone she can. Some ponies may see her as over caring but she only wishes the best for others. 





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