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Lockhart Thunder [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: Main Rp 
Name: Lockhart Thunder 
Sex: Male
Age: Older buck, (stallion in pony terms) 
Species: Peryton 
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Light Brown with a white streak on his belly. A white splotch can be seen on his muzzle, and near the bottom of his legs.
Mane/Tail: His tail is matching that of deer. Slightly longer than the average deer tail like medium length. It matches his coat color, with white underneath the tail. His mane is black, and short in length running all the way down his head and part of his neck
Physique: Lockhart Stands taller then most in the herd, With a stocky build. His antlers are that of a normal whitetail, but are longer and stocky in size. With large folded wings 
Residence: He live in small hillside home on The velvet strand
Occupation: Protector of a herd of Peryton 
Cutie Mark: "Not applicable" 

Unique Traits:  All tho being a Magical being in sense, but possessing no horn like a unicorn has, His large antlers act like a conduit for magic which flows through the herd. The points of the antlers pull the magic in from around him and distributes it to other nearby Peryton. A sweet smell comes from around him, Water slowly turns to a crystal clear, and other lifeforms seems to thrive around him. All tho his magic much weaker when he is by himself, and is amplified around other Peryton.


History: Lockhart Thunder was born in a herd of Peryton near the NImbusgait lakes in what is know as the Velvet strand. As a Peryton life growing up was vastly calm. At a young age Lockhart was taught to protect the herd, and showed a great promise in becoming a strong protector one day. His parents also being both Peryton brought up Lockhart in caring home, but also drove home the responsibility of keeping the peace in the heard. Years of training grew Lockhart into a large and fit build, and was very good at protecting the others that where weaker. Growing into his young adult years he courted a beautiful doe Peryton named Autumn aura, and to this day can be often found by her side. Being a older Peryton now Lockhart watches over his fellow Peryton, And can be often times found wandering the velvet strand making sure everything is calm, or spending time with Autumn. Being older now he prefers to have a peaceful life like the rest in the herd, But is still plenty strong enough to protect himself and others. Lockhart hopes to one day be able to retire from his job of protecting his kind, and let some other strong peryton take over so he can live in peace worry free. 



Character Personality:  Lockhart is generally a very easy going guy, and can be quite friendly to be around. That is as long as you leave his herd unharmed. When defending his herd he can be quite aggressive and unwilling to back down. He has a very lighthearted mood most of the time, but to some can seems a bit serious, and lacks a sense of humor. All tho it is not his occupation he all to happy to help others relax. If that means sitting with them for awhile so they feel safe. 

Character Summary: Overall, Despite his looks, Lockhart is a very enchanting creature to be around. He all to happy to help someone relax, and is happy to listen to what they have to say, and can be found wandering around the velvet strand most of the times. He had a very lighthearted mood, but lacking of a sense of humor. His antlers draw magic from around him, and restore life to plants, and purify the air and water around. Lockhart used to be young and wild, but now mostly prefers to be old and wise. He some day wishes he can retire to live worry free. 



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