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Sandbar [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria.
Name: SandBar
Sex: Male
Age:  Young Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Eye Color: Light Sea Green
Coat: Pale Green
Mane: Light Cyan
Physique: Earth Pony Average
Residence: School of Friendship. (Originally Seaward Shoals.)
Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship. Really, he doesn't need help with friendship, but it's an excuse to help others. 
Cutie Mark: Triple Turtles
History:  Sandbar was born to a loving family in the small port of Seaward Shoals where he naturally gained a bit of an affinity in the ocean, most notably the marine biology. Although he really wanted to pursue his talent more deeply, he felt that at that point in his age, he couldn't quite do it alone. He needed friends, charisma, and in his small town, there weren't many others around his age. When he heard of the School of Friendship, he knew that was his ticket out of there, not that he hated the place, but because it didn't amount to him much at that time. He must admit though that he was going to miss his family, especially his foal sister. 
When he arrived at the school, he couldn't have entirely known what he was getting himself into. Five new friends from five different naturally less charismatic species, what kind of jackpot did he find here? He was just a pony like most of the others, why him? Well, his genericism would end up playing a key part in saving their school from Cozy Glow and the EEA. How could a pony willingly want to help some exotic weird creatures? Nothing could possibly go wrong if you just let him go. He's not like the others. A pony is just who he is on the outside. On the inside, he was a person, just like his friends.
Character Personality: Sandbar is just a naturally nice and chill guy. He has a high desire to help others and will go along with plans that he doesn't necessarily agree with just so they won't go wrong, and if they do go wrong, well at least an attempt was made. He is not one to try and disappoint others, losing a friend might just as well crush him. The events at the School of Friendship has shown that he is an easily trusted individual. 
Character Summary: Sandbar is a dependable chill Earth Pony. He didn't become a student to help himself, but rather to help others... help himself. As much as he wanted to help the ocean, he felt the first step was to learn more about the world, and the best way to do that is to build up your charisma with some more friends. Even if he was debatably the most generic of the group, there was still a part for him to play in such group. 

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