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Name: Hope Goldy

Gender: Female

Age: filly (somewhere in between 15 and 18. Srry for numbers, but just to make sure she won't be treated like a 10 yo)

Species: Alicorn, but can change between Pegasus, Unicorn and Alicorn.

Eye color: minty blue

Character color: very dark blue

Mane and tail: light blue with three stripes. Inner stripe is lighter blue than the main mane. Middle stripe is a darker blue than the main mane. Outer stripe is darker than the middle stripe.

Physique: like i said in the species section, she changes sometimes between unicorn and pegasus, but will never, unless special occasions, resort to being an alicorn. She's as tall as Celestia and appears older than she actually is due to the length and sharpness of her horn or the length of her wings.

Residence: crystal empire

Occupation: her job is also her hobby. She writes books about her adventures in dream land and real life. She sells those books but always keeps one or two just in case boredom visits her.

Cutie mark: a heart shaped yin and yang.


How she got her cutie mark. She wasn't actually from equestria. Not that she remembered anyway. Her name in her world was Alyssa and she was 16 years old. Her grades at school were great, but kept getting worse with each day. Everything they tried to teach her, she just couldn't understand anymore. After school, she ran away, bullies chasing her, wanting to beat her up. "Oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t...must escape them!" She panted as she stopped a second. She caught her breath and ran further. When she opened her eyes to look where she was going, she noticed she wasn't in the forest anymore, but instead in the middle of a city. One where ponies talked...wait..talked!? She felt light engulf her and she changed. Her body was changing. She became a pony, one with wings and a horn. A random pink unicorn told her that if she wanted to fit in, she had to hide her wings. "Easy..I'll just ehh...use magic?" Within a second, her wings were gone. She didn't even have to use her horn. She shrugged it off. She noticed some black shadow up in the air almost dying from the light of the crystal heart. She used her horn to protect him. She didn't have anything against good people but she didn't have anything against the bad ones either. She walked over, still new to walking on four legs instead of two and helped him up. "I think you should go...just ask me if you need anything!" She told him and he just nodded, confused. He seemed to recognise her. He did leave. She saw light appearing on her flank and saw her cutie mark, yin and yang, but shaped like a heart. Her thoughts before she fell asleep "great. Now i have a tattoo on my butt"


History: literally the one i told of when she got her cutie Mark. She doesn't remember anything from before, only that her life was the worst somepony could have.

Personality: she's very shy like Fluttershy. She's caring around those she loves and can appreciate a good laugh. She is outgoing though and very social. But that's only if she had hot chocolate with roasted marshmallows. that's like her alcohol or drug. She can be sarcastic. With friends it's a funny sarcasm. With enemies and strangers it's a b**chy sarcasm. Does have mood changes and does walk around her home as an alicorn but will change back to unicorn or pegasus when having visitors or going home. (It's like walking around naked in your own home irl but then like this...ah you understand,  right?

Summary: how to sum this up?? I'm bad at such things! Uhmmm....no. i can't think of anything. Just read the whole thing please. I'll comment a summary once i thought about it and all...😅

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