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Expedition to get molybdenum ores (Open!)

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Forged Horseshoe, as the familiar costumers know, wants to offer new products in his Smith. For some of these he’ll need a metal called Molybdenum, very used to make high strength steel. The main molybdenum ore is called molybdenite, molybdenum sulfide, but can be found at wulfenite too, that also contains lead. The first can be found around volcano areas, or places that had once one or more active volcanos. He plans to forge a high strength steel horseshoe, so he is wanting to take an expedition to get the ores. But he don’t know much outside ponyvile, in this case he got the idea write an announcement to a local newspaper, saying:


“I’m seeking for a guide in order to do an expedition to extract ores. Must be a place of active or inactive volcanos. I’m paying 2000 bits for a 7 day expedition, if you are interested send a mail to Forged Horseshoe.”


After sending the adversiting he started looking for information at the town square. It was not so effective, cause just a few ponies have been out of Ponyvile. Some replied him: “Molybdenum? It’s food?”, but other said that he could find what he want in the Wild West. Other suggested looking at The Crystal Empire. More than he asks, more confuse he gets, so he decided going home and rest, thinking:


“What a waste of time! I could be studying or doing money… where could I find this information? I guess is better wait for a answer from my announcement…”


For two days he was just waiting and working, than he started getting frustrated, but he decided to going on with that somehow.

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