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Nonchalant Fruit Horse RP

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Basically, I have yet to roleplay with my new character Alizarin.




I really wanna try her character out, because I honestly am in love with her character haha^^


For summary, she's a hardworking, grumpy, all about the country farm-horse, who sells red fruits for a living on a very small farm. I am open to pretty much any plot idea if anyone has one, as long as it's interesting and fun to write!


If I had any preferences, something that get's Ali out of her comfort zone, like a little push into something she doesn't like. Like getting stuck with a stranger and doing something she doesn't do on a daily basis. Could be a huge adventure that is necessary to accomplish, or just getting stuck doing somepony else's dirty work when they need help. Ali likes 'same old same old' kinda' stuff. She hates new ideas. So please let me know if you're interested!


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Looking to her personality and job, the only way I see of interacting with mine, Forged Horseshow, is requesting him to Smith farming tools to improove her job. Can be Interesting.

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