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Official Discussion Thread - S09E07 - She's All Yak

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After Sandbar asks Yona to a "pony dance", she goes to Rarity and her friends in hopes to ponify herself.


This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk


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This episode was the most blasphemous and is offensive to Yak culture. This episode must be censored immediately.


For some reason prior to going into the episode, I expected more Sandbar than I should have considering that it was literally about Yona and I kind of knew that before going in.


The Mane Six actually managed to do a good job at helping her as she requested exactly. 


No kiss. Not a wedding episode so it's totally not allowed. Kiss #4 will have to wait. Unless I missed one somehow.

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