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No Vella [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: No Vella (Vella No)
Sex: Female
Age: Middle adult.
Species: Earth Pony.
Eye colour: Milk White.
Coat: Grey.
Mane/Tail: White-Grey
Physique: Below Average, but not quite frail.
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Author. Forever Free For Everfree is her latest series.
Cutie Mark: Braille Typewriter. After losing her sight, she got around to finishing one of her early started stories. When she showed it to her family, they expressed positively towards the quality of the story. It was then she got her cutie mark. Nopony knows exactly when it came, just that it came around then. Maybe if she had been able to see it... She hasn't published that story, it's too special for her to let go. 
Unique Traits: Born with sight, but it degraded over her childhood. Her blindness gives her writing a different emphasis and what references to colour she gives are usually based on the qualities associated with the colours as well as her memories from her childhood. Some might say her condition actually boosted her writing. She might look older than she really is. She's of Neighponese descent.




"The Day I went completely blind, I knew it was all imagination from then on."

I wasn't always blind. For years my sight required a bit of correction, but it wasn't severe, but around the age of 12, it started fading away. There was nothing they could do. I had to watch it Fade Away, or perhaps the opposite, I didn't watch it. I had to make more compensation everyday until it was all... well, nothing.

I wasn't surprised, it wasn't so sudden, I knew it was coming, maybe not that soon, but in that week. I actually got an early start on preparations. Braille doesn't take as long as you would think, it's not a different language, it's just kind of a different alphabet.

I started writing before then, but it was after that I really started getting into it. My mind is the only place where I still have it. All the colours. All the details. I can come up with anything, and if it sounds creative and fun, then who cares if it's realistic?

But I'll still never truly get used to it.


Surname's are a weird thing in this world. It's not a really unified concept. Some families have it, some don't. And some don't always go by it. It's just my luck that my parents decided to be traditional and keep the naming scheme. Having the surname 'No' is quite the blight in Equestria, especially if they pronounce it in the Equestria fashion. It's caused some weird situations sometimes. Well, I guess you could say "Of" Vella instead.


History:  No Vella was born in FillyDelphia to two loving parents. To keep in track with tradition, they gave her the surname of No. The most notable feature of her early childhood was her early acquisition of glasses. The moment she started bumping into things a lot, that was when they knew it had to happen. They weren't really thick, but they were above average a bit. She was never particularly active, preferring mostly to spend her time inside and read, she would often use the excuse of breaking her glasses. Whether or not she made friends is debatable based on what quantifies as a friend. She hung out with others sometimes, but she never particularly got too close to any of them. She tried her hoof at writing, but she never felt like it was good enough, like there was something missing. A couple of years after starting school was when she started to feel the symptoms. Her sight was degrading. All those other times she thought it was happening, it never did, but this time was real, and it was happening fast. It was then that she started learning braille. It wasn't as hard as she thought it was going to be. It was not a language, it was just another script. Within a week, it was all gone. She woke up one day to nothing. You could call it darkness, but really it was just nothing. She never played outside much so that never really affected her, the much she did was mostly just learning how to navigate again, but her limited library sort of did. To make up for the reduction in material, she started writing again, to make her own stuff. She could really feel her imagination now. She continued school for a while longer, but the moment she felt like she had enough, she left. She had published two books by then and had some others in her backlog. She loved her parents, but she needed her own place of solitude. She had two choices in her mind. Manehatten or Canterlot. Ultimately, Manehatten was cheaper at the time and was closer to her first publisher. A couple of years later she switched to a Canterlot based publisher and recently made the effort to set up home there. 

Character Personality: She is quiet and calm, but inside her mind are worlds of imagination. 
Character Summary: Vella is a Quiet and calm pony who seems somewhat disconnected from reality. She doesn't really seem to pay much attention to her surroundings unless she's actively travelling. She's not antisocial, it's just easier to think when you're alone. 



No Vella is a character that I created to contrast Loose Cannon. I actually created her a while back, but haven't gone through the effort of importing her to this site. Forever Free For Everfree is an idea that I've been trying to write, but it's probably too ambitious for me to do.


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