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Dramatic Flaire (Ready)

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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Dramatic Flaire
Sex: Male
Age: Young Stallion
Species: Half earth pony, half changeling
Eye colour: Teal
Coat: Grey
Mane/Tail: Purple (pictured)
Physique: Slim, feminine build
Residence: Nomadic (he travels a lot), currently stopped in Ponyville
Occupation: Actor in a travelling theatre
Cutie Mark: Green flame with a gold ribbon swirled around it. (pictured) How he got it is included in the "History" segment.
Unique Traits: His changeling heritage has given him limited shape-shifting ability. That is, not really any shape-shifting, per se, but he can change colors, voice, and the length of his mane and tail. When he changes, there's no green flame as is normal among the pure changelings, rather, his coat/hair/eyes just fades into the colors, and his hair simply grows or recedes. His cutie mark always stays the same, and his physique isn't changed either.

History: When Flaire was young, he had a hard time coming to terms with what he was. Other foals didn't make it easy, growing up in Manehatten. They would avoid him and make sharp remarks about how he was not to be trusted (keep in mind this is before the changeling reform). For a time, he tried to hide his natural appearance, tho he would sometimes revert if he was too distracted, which would ruin the whole thing. One time, he was in disguise. A travelling theatre came into town. Flaire was intrigued, so he watched them do a play. and another. and another. he got so involved watching that he lost hold of his disguise. He faded to his natural colors, and the ponies around him gasped. One pony even exclaimed "It's a changeling! Run!" Flaire began to cry as the crowd quickly dispersed. All he wanted was to watch the play. He hung his head, dejected. Then a gentle hoof rested on Flaire's shoulder. "Don't listen to them, son." said a voice.

Long story short, this pony was the stage master of the travelling theatre. He and the rest of his cast were sympathetic to Flaire's predicament, and took him in. They taught him to be proud of who and what he was. He discovered his talent in acting, but his cutie mark didn't show up right away. It took weeks. It faded in over time. It was just assumed that the cutie mark magic present in all ponies was just weaker in him because he was only half pony.

Character Personality: Flamboyant, stereotypically gay (also actually gay, but that's beside the point), feminine in a lot of ways, but still distinctly male. Friendly, and accepting of other's differences.
Character Summary: Dramatic Flaire is a showpony with a twist. He can change colors on a whim. He used to be scorned, but learned to accept himself and be proud to be him. Others just followed suit. He's outgoing, flamboyant, and friendly. He is very accepting ponies (or anycreature) who are different from others. Especially when they are rejected by others because of it.





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Howdy! I've reviewed this app and looks like there's only one thing to work on before it's approved.


(It's at this point I realise I'm turning this application into a fanfic, lol. sorry. I'll just summarize the rest)"


If you wouldn't mind removing this section as we would rather not have added in writer dialogue in apps. Once that's finished just respond in this thread and I'll approve! :)  

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lol, idky the site didn't give me the notification.

I finally decided to check the thread manually.

Weird. Anyway, edited. and I'll keep that in mind for any future apps.

thx. ;)

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