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The Brave and the Unfortunate (Closed: Trombone2015)

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Manehattan; the busiest and most packed city in Equestria, most would say. Celebrities, famous restaurant owners, stylish artists, and more, come from everywhere in this world to take on this city and what it has in store for them. Many come for the sights, and many come for competitions. Like one competition being held in town square. A music one, which entails many different bands and communities to come in and preform to be judged and win a prize. Mainly publicity, but some extra cash too. Ponies and creatures of all sizes want to come and show their talents off to be victorious in their matches, which normally leads to some unprofessional jealousy and such.


One pony normally found this argumentation kind of funny, and entertaining, and she could watch these fights all day long while she paints her pictures on the walls of the backdrop. As long as they didn't touch her wet masterpiece, everything would be find and dandy. She was normally laid back anyway, and wouldn't fuss too much about it, but it would still make her mad. And her name was familiar on the tongue, as she was known all over from her family back in Las Pegasus. She wouldn't be here today without her famous family, as she wouldn't have been paid to come and paint her masterpieces on the backdrops for the competition. She normally couldn't be seen without somepony recognizing her, but not to toot her own horn, she loved the attention. 




"Street Art?" a random pony said from behind the purple unicorn, making the mare turn around. Rainbow paint was splashed all over her, but she was used to the sticky stuff on her coat. "That's me, baby." Her voice was as sweet as honey, which made the stranger melt from the soft tune.


"Can I get your autograph?" 


"Sure can do, honey." Her horn lit up, lifting a pen and a random piece of paper she found on a stool, not noticing it was a music sheet. Normally her own self got in the way of being observant to others. The mare then signed the sheet with pretty cursive writing, and gave it to the pony. "Have a nice day." 


Art turned back around, fiddling around with her paint brush as she dipped it in a soft yellow, finishing up her orange sun in the corner of the painting. She wanted this pony's background to be fun and indulging, yet sophisticated. She felt like the hint of blues and yellows worked perfectly. She felt like she needed to add more, though. Maybe some orange? That should do. The mare got back to work, keeping herself contained, but also listening to the conversations around her. This day seemed perfect already. 



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If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. For that the city of Manehatten was bustling with activity: taxi stagecoach ponies galloping down the streets to pick up riders for an expensive fee, airships soaring high just beneath the clouds, the shrieking brakes from the subway below the ground, and the shrill whistles from trains carrying ponies to their destinations. Unfortunately, one pony was in the hustle and bustle of this activity, carrying his saddlebags in great haste after disembarking the train. Flying down to the subway station below ground, he caught a subway train just in time, making sure that he paid the fare. Breathing a sigh of relief, he placed his bags onto the seat next to him and opened it up, making sure all of his sheet music was organized for the concert. 


"Hey, you with the saddlebags. What's your problem?"


Slide Fortissimo looked up from looking inside his bag at the pony across from him. "Excuse me?"


"Don't you know subway etiquette? If you have one bag, you put it on the floor. If you have two bags, you put them in the luggage racks at the end of each car. Same goes for three bags. However, if you have four bags, then you should take a ride on one of those stagecoaches if you know what I mean."


"Ah, I see. My apologies sir, but I'm almost late for a performance. You see, I'm perform-" The pony shushed him. 


"I don't need to know what you do sir, but it looks like you'll do well while wearing those clothes. Be careful out there, okay?" 


"Absolutely sir. Thank you." Slide Fortissimo placed his saddlebags onto the floor in front of him as the stranger went back to his seat. He hadn't been asked for an autograph yet upon his arrival in Manehatten, but as Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra, Slide was needed for warm ups as soon as possible. The orchestra was going to perform at the town square soon and he didn't want to be late. 


After studying the majority of the music, Slide disembarked from the train at his stop and departed the subway in haste, trotting to the town square as fast as he could. When Slide was passing by the main stage in the square, he felt a glimmer of rainbow color from his right. With curiosity, he climbed up the stage stairs and when he reached the backstage area, he gasped and stared up at the colorful backdrop. 

"Whoa! Who painted this?"

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The purple mare dipped more yellow onto her paint brush, stroking out each individual line to make the painting more breathtaking. She normally wasn't one for acrylics, but her mom showed her the wide range of paint she could use in her paintings, besides spray paint. Of course Art was open minded to the idea of more ways to paint her masterpieces. As such, she felt acrylics were more sophisticated for something like this. 


That, and the ponies running the joint told her not to use spray cans because the smell could mess up the musicians practice. 


Of course.


So, good thing she kept in mind bringing extra paints and such, to fulfil the best needs for each competitor. The three legged pony felt as if these paints were easier anyway, as she had to paint over ten backgrounds for the show. She was almost done. The mare had been there since five in the morning, and she could really bust these things out like no other. As long as she had motivation and her brilliant artistic mind, she would be fine and dandy. 


And she splattered the last bit of her yellow, she dipped her brush in some orange, just to finish up the sky. She was really proud of herself for this one. As she finished, and stood up and looked over it, smiling at her little masterpiece.




She then heard a voice, making her turn around. A red stallion was standing behind her, staring at her painting. "This work is all mine, honey," the mare cooed, smiling sweetly at the gentlemen. Art was covered in paint, from head to toe. The colors popped off of her purple coat nicely, though, and her pink beanie really made her eyes pop with wild curiosity. "You performing today, darling?" She set her paintbrush down, still smiling and never breaking a sweat. 

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"Oh, excuse me. I'm rather impressed by this backdrop you've been painting. It looks almost like Manehatten during a beautiful sunset, if I say so myself."


He took off his saddlebags and placed them by his side. Slide felt eager to learn how this pony was able to paint this masterpiece, not knowing that he had to attend a rehearsal soon.


"My name's Slide, Slide Fortissimo. Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra. It's a pleasure to meet you."


He observed the pony with interest. She didn't have a fourth leg! Keeping his composure, he didn't want to be judgmental and ask the artist why she didn't have a fourth leg. Noticing that she was covered in paint, he knew that she had been working on that backdrop for a long time. 


"Oh, I do apologize, but I have to attend a rehearsal soon and then perform with the orchestra, who will be starting off the music festival soon." 


He paused and adjusted his bow-tie. "What's your name?"

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The purple mare smirked at the stallion, giving simple gestures of kindness just from the emotion in her eyes. She generally had a kind soul, which led most ponies to fall into her spell. She was messy, yet majestic, and she had a keen eye for talented artistic ponies. She could always get a sense of artsy and creative ponies. It was kind of her thing. 


"Thank you, hun. I simply took the amazing view of the Manehattan sunset into consideration when painting this piece." She gave a warm smile once again, her calming eyes taking effect of her stature. "And nice to meet you, Mr. Fortissimo. You have quite a stance here, yeah? Being a principal trombonist. How stunning." 


She turned around, lifting up a piece of paper with her pink magic, looking at what seemed like a list. "Seems this backdrop is for Cantorlot's Orchestra. How ironic." Art turned back around, her pearly whites showing. She then noticed him staring at her missing leg, which she didn't bat an eye about. It happened all the time, really. Ponies always stared growing up. Sure, it made walking and physical activity hard, but she could deal with it. 


"Sure you do! I wish you the best of luck, sir." She picked up her paint, floating the equipment back stage. "Oh! Street Art. I'm surprised you've never heard of me." She cocked her eyebrow, giving him a rather attractive look, which could give anypony goosebumps. 

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The red stallion did get a few goosebumps from Street Art's attractive look and blushed with embarrassment.


"Y-yeah, I haven't heard about you at all. I would like to thank you for painting this. It's perfect for the orchestra's concert performance and I wish the best of luck on your future works of art."


He picked up his saddlebags and placed them onto his back, making sure that all of his belongings were in his saddlebags. 


"I do apologize, but I must attend a rehearsal now. Enjoy the concert!" 


He waved goodbye and made his way to the area where the orchestra musicians were gathering. After finding his dressing room and a very quick warm up, Slide flew over to where the rehearsal was about to begin. Taking his seat, the other trombonists in the orchestra where happy to see Slide again and then turned their attention to the conductor.


"Right everypony, we'll do warm ups and then practice a few parts from the music. We are pleased to have Slide Fortissimo as soloist for Blue Bells of Trotland."


Slide beamed with pride when the conductor addressed him. 


"I believe Slide has been practicing a long time for this and we hope that he'll be absolutely legendary. Now then, can we have a B flat please?"


The warm ups section of the rehearsal commenced, with Slide carefully making sure he was in tune. After the warm ups were concluded, the orchestra rehearsed the two pieces: Pictures at an Exhibition, with artworks created by the finest artists in Equestria, and Blue Bells of Trotland, featuring Slide Fortissimo respectively. 


Once the rehearsal was over, the conductor dismissed the orchestra, saying that they had to be back in an hour for their performance. Slide left his belongings in his dressing room and went over to the festival food court to have lunch. Carrying his tray of food with his wing, he noticed Street Art again and went over to her. 


"Ah, hello again. May I sit here with you?"


(My apologies for the delay. Please let me know if I should edit this to fix the flow of the roleplay. Thank you.)

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"Well, aren't you a positive ray of sunshine," the mare softy said, smiling at the stallion. "Thank you, for enjoying my work." She then turned around, using her magic to put in all her backdrops in order for each performance. All she really had to do now was flip the backgrounds every time a new competitor rose to the stage. Easy peasy. 


She then heard his voice again, saying his good-byes. "See you later, honey. Good luck at your rehearsal." Just then, a swarm of mares surrounded her, in shock. Art just played it cool, signing their papers and smiling the whole time.. flirting with one really cute mare and secretly hiding her mailbox address underneath her signature..


Yep, that was Street Art for you. 


She gave an attractive wink as the mares trotted along, making Art have the cutest smirk on her face. She shook her head, listening to the smooth music coming from the stage. She could see Slide from where she was sitting behind the stage, watching him and the rest of the orchestra as they played a few songs. A couple of them sound familiar to her, making her hum to herself. 


From a distance she could hear a pony panic, making her turn her head and watch the pony trot around in circles. He seemed to be missing a paper, as his eyes were scanning the ground violently and his brow from crunched in like a caterpillar. So, the purple mare got up, tilting her head. "You alright, sir?" He quickly shook his head, scanning the floor with ferocity. 


"No, I have lost my sheet of music. Have you seen a lost trumpet sectional?" 


Suddenly, Art remembered seeing a music sheet, when she autographed that first pony. Her selfishness got the best of her. "No, sir. I haven't," she lied, looking around to sell it. "You have other trumpet players in your orchestra, yeah? Shouldn't they have a copy?"


"I guess I'll borrow theirs. Thanks," he responded, disappearing. 


Art got out of that one. 


An hour later, Art found herself snacking on an apple during lunch hour, when a familiar voice pounded in her ears. "Hey, sweets. 'Course you can sit with me." She smiled, patting the sit next to her with her only front hoof. "How was rehearsal?"


A little farther ahead of the pair, a group of ponies wearing all black started walking towards them, making every pony go quiet. Of course Art didn't realize the sudden silence, as the only noise anypony could hear was the crunch of her apple. 

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"Thank you." Slide took his seat and noticed that Street Art was only snacking on an apple. He looked at his tray of food that consisted of two flower sandwiches with hayfries and a water bottle. Slide then picked up one of the sandwiches with his hoof and took a bite out of it, being extra polite respectively. After wiping his face with a napkin and taking a drink of water, he answered Street's question. "The rehearsal was swell. We're going over two pieces that the audience will enjoy very much. They are called Pictures at an Exhibition and Blue Bells of Trotland." As he began to eat his hayfries, he didn't notice a group of ponies dressed in black walking towards him. Just as he was about to eat another, one of the ponies grabbed his tuxedo collar and turned him to look at the pony.


"You're coming with me trombonist." Slide tried not to panic, knowing that he was in a dangerous situation. He took a nervous gulp, sweating a bit with fear. 


"Why me? There's other musicians here that you should be looking for. I mean...uh...look! It's Countess Coloratura!" He quickly pointed with a hoof at a random direction, causing the group of ponies to look in that direction. Slide got up from his seat, look a quick glance at Art, and then flew away from the square.


"Get back here!" Slide heard that the gang pony was catching up on him fast. He was a pegasus pony too! Panting, he flew down the streets of Manehatten, dodging to avoid streetlights and buildings, apologizing as he streaked his way past a crowd of ponies waiting to hail taxi cabs.


Rounding a corner, he found a subway entrance. With no time to spare, he galloped down the stairs and entered the station, dodging past commuters waiting for the train. When he reached the end of the platform, the gang pony had caught up with him and blocked his way. The passengers had fled from the platform, with the gang pony looking at Slide with terror and evil. 


"Well well well, what do we have here? The most professional trombonist in Equestria. Are you really that professional?" The gang pony spat at his face. Slide wiped the spit from his face.


"Sir, if you excuse me, I have a concert to attend to in less than an hour. I was just having lunch with a friend-" The gang pony slapped Slide's face with a hoof. 


"Shut it red pone, or you'll be speaking with the boss faster than you can tune a piano. Understand?" 


Slide felt the sharp pain of a hoof on his face and began to cry a bit. Wiping his tears, he looked at the gang pony, still in fear. "What are you gonna do to me?"


The gang pony came up close to Slide's face and whispered to him. "You see that tunnel over there? We're going to the lair of the boss. He'll want to hear your...music." The gang pony gave a sinister laugh and motioned for Slide to enter the tunnel walkway. He slowly made his way to the stairs that lead down to the path, his hooves clopping against the concrete stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, the gang pony motioned for Slide to start walking and to not stop until they reach their destination. Slide hoped that their destination would not be his final destination. 

Edited by Trombone2015
Fixing a rushed roleplay.
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Arty took another bite of her apple, slurping up the sweet juices that slowly drooled down the fruit. It was a really tasty apple, probably home grown somewhere with a large farm. The city didn't have much farm land, so it probably was from Ponyville, she guessed. It was nice and warm, and it really melted in her mouth. 


As she chomped down on her apple, she swallowed quickly as she went to talk again. "Those pieces sound very sophisticated. Your orchestra seems very in tune with the competition. Hopefully you all will be splendid, sweetheart." The mare's voice was calm and sweet, like sugar. She watched as he dug into his food, which made her space off and look around the court. Everypony seemed to be enjoying their food too. How quaint. 


Soon, Arty found her ear twitching, which made her turn rapidly to look at Slide. Her eyes kind of went big when she saw a group of big ponies surround him. The purple mare couldn't help but drop her apple, as her normally shallow heart started racing. She blinked, and saw herself completely alone, with ponies frantically running about. The mare looked up, seeing a flash of red flying away, followed by one of the members. 


Arty immediately got up, running after them. It was hard for her to run, as she only had three legs. She was inching farther and farther away from the group, as she found herself in the middle of a large crowd. Arty pushed her way through the large heap of ponies, following the chase to try and save the new pony she met. This normally wasn't like her at all. She'd normally leave the guy be. Arty could be cruel, but the thought in the back of her head made her keep going. She was selfish, but not that selfish. 


As they neared a cave, the mare sprinted out the last of her energy, noticing what she was standing on was a train station platform. The purple mare looked around, searching for the ponies. Suddenly, she looked up, seeing Slide make his way up some stairs. She quickly ran underneath them, hoping to not get spotted by the musically inclined gang pony. Thinking fast, she grabbed the nearest rock with her magic and threw it, making a 'clink' sound. The member of the gang heard it, making him quickly look around. He flew off the platform, landing in the rocks. 


With the quick distraction, Arty trotted up the stairs carefully. "We have to be quiet. I got him distracted for a few seconds." Hopefully she didn't scare him with her random appearance. "The only way out of here is deeper down the cavern, baby. Be quick." The mare trotted down the stairs, taking off running down the long stretch of darkness. With Slide hopefully following her, she looked back. When she looked back, her one front leg tripped on a rock and she landed face first, creating a huge noise. The pony then looked up, spotting the duo. "I got you now!" 

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As Slide arrived back at the food court by taxi, he gasped when noticed that Street Art was missing. 


"Oh Sweet Celestia! She must be at the station!" 


He abandoned his meal and flew back to the subway station as fast as he could. Diving down the stairs, he raced down to the end of the platform. Seeing no sign of Street Art, he bravely and carefully made his way along the same wall that he was pinned against. 


"Street Art! Are you here?"


That was when he noticed a pink hue in the distance. He flew towards it. 


"Street Art, thank goodness I have found you. It's Slide Fortissimo here. We need to get pinned against his subway wall now! Another train is approaching!" 


Slide Fortissimo got down and managed to pull Art's hoof from under the train track. Lifting her up to the wall, he pinned themselves against the wall as another express sped by, nearly hitting them both where they were on the tracks before. Once the train had gone, Slide breathed a huge sigh of relief. 


"My goodness, this is just too much for me today. Being chased by a gang member and then rescuing you. I'm happy that we're both alive. Here, I'll carry you out."


Slide managed to put Street Art on his back and he carried her gently to the station platform. Ponies on the platform gasped and then cheered for Slide as they emerged out of the tunnel. 


"Look, this is all my fault. If I hadn't been chased by a gang member today, I would still be at the concert, which I'm going to be late for." He carefully got Street Art off his back. "I was shocked to see that you weren't at food court when I took a taxi back from this station. I'm completely lost for words on how I feel about all this."





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