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Thunderhoof (Ready)

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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Thunderhoof
Sex: Stallion
Age: Adult
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Dark teal
Mane/Tail: Slightly bluer than his coat. mouthing but a few hairs on his head, and a short short tail.
Physique: Huge, muscular. Like twice as big as most other ponies.
Residence: Nomadic currently stopped in Ponyville. (Tour d'Equestria)
Occupation: The muscle and props director.
Cutie Mark: A lightning bolt with a hammer in front of it. He built a raft. It was very well constructed. but it was soon destroyed.
Unique Traits: Thunderhoof (who often goes by just Hoof) is mute. He had a severe injury when he was a colt that irreparably damaged his vocal chords. He's also not the sharpest tool in the shed. Skilled with his hooves, and stronger than ten ponies, but not very clever. probably a 3 out of 10. Although, He was taught by Stage Lights to communicate some basic thoughts by scraping patterns in the ground with his hooves.
History: Thunderhoof was an orphan for as long as he can remember. When he was a colt, he wa wandering in the woods and looking about, smacking things with a stick. He tossed the stick in the water and it floated down the river. Then, he got the "bright" idea to make a raft and float down the river.... not that he gave any thought as to where the river went.

He went to work. He found logs and vines and things, and he quickly crafted a really sturdy raft. It was really quite marvelous. Then he pushed the raft into the river, and jumped on. "Anchors aweigh!" he yelled, excited that his creation was working so well. He got his cutie mark right then and there. He jumped for joy, whooping and hollering, not noticing he was headed for some rocky rapids.


His raft was tossed about. Slammed into rock after rock. Holding together because of how well crafted it was. However, Hoof was not secure. He was thrown this way and that, He had no idea what he could do. He was thrown off the raft, into the water. He screamed into the air, wishing for rescue. The rapids were fast, and littered with sharp rocks, and downed trees. Somewhere in the hullabaloo, his neck was gouged open, severing his vocal chords, and he began to lose blood. He passed out just as the water calmed down.


A unicorn, who'd been traveling, was sitting by the water to rest. He heard screaming in the distance, interrupted by sudden silence. moments later, he saw the unconscious body of a colt floating in front of him. He picked him out of the river with his magic and worked as quickly as he could. He stopped the bleeding and stabilized him. Saving his life. When he awoke, he was permanently silenced. Stage nursed him to health, and taught him to use his hooves to communicate.
Character Personality: Gentle giant who tries to be helpful. Dedicated to Stage Lights.
Character Summary: Thunderhoof is a gentle giant, stronger than ten ponies, and good with his hooves. but not very bright. He can't talk because lost his voice in an injury, but he learned to communicate some very basic things by scraping patterns in the ground with his hooves. Owes a life debt to Stage Lights who he trusts implicitly withit reserve.

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So, I realize this one is a long read, and it's pretty go***mn dark. Prolly the darkest backstory I ever wrote, tbh. If that's too much, I can try to work on it, and see what I can do.


Trust me, tho. He's not a sad or dark character. He had a sad past, but he's move passed that and is a generally happy character.

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I toned it down a bit. also fixed typos that made it look worse than intended.


Idk if that's enough, but I can always change it again.

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