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Anne Schwofenhuf (Ready)

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Anne Schwofenhuf


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Anne Schwofenhuf
Sex: Mare
Age: Middle aged Mare
Species: pegasus
Eye colour: green
Coat: yellow
Mane/Tail: orange
Physique: Slender
Residence: Nomadic, currently stopped in Ponyville (Tour d'Equestria)
Occupation: Actor, dancer, and choreographer
Cutie Mark: a pair of ballet shoes with a bow in front of a pair of wings
Unique Traits: Anne is a spectacular aerial acrobat and dancer. Her talent is agility, elegance and grace in flight and on the ground. She's very precise in many ways. She could be considered OCD. She's very particular about her living space, and the way she carries herself. All of her motions are carefully calculated, and precise.

History: The Schwofenhuf family is a long long line of very accomplished dancers, who've been in Hoofenheim Germaney for many generations, and Anne is no exception. She spent the majority of her younger years honing her skills as an aerial dancer and acrobat. When she was a young mare, she'd already mastered the art of precise acrobatic flight. As time went by, she began to become discontent with the life of a ballerina. One day, she saw a poster advertising auditions for a traveling theatre that was coming to town. She decided to go ahead and audition. She practiced, like she did everything else, meticulously. For days, she tried to perfect her lines. Then the day of the audition, she arrived at the portable stage precisely on time. When prompted, she executed her script just how she'd practiced.... or she tried to. She was so nervous, that she missed her cues more than once, and couldn't remember all her lines. Afterward, she gave the unicorn a bow and said "Thank you for giving me ze opportunity to audition. I am sorry to have vasted your time."

The unicorn got up and went to her.

"You enjoyed yourself, no?" he asked, to which she nodded

"Then you have wasted nopony's time. I know talent when I see it, Madame. Just ask my friend Lilly, here." he gestured to an adolescent filly who was drawing in a chair next to him "Everypony has doubts in themselves. It can sometimes take a second opinion to know when the ignore them. I can tell you practiced a lot. You like things to be just so, no?"

She smiled "I can accept no less than perfection. It is who I am."

"Then allow me" he offered "to show you how to be mediocre, and to accept it as a... how you say... a stepping stone."

From that day, the unicorn, Stage Lights, taught her the ins and outs of acting, and she learned how to be okay with less than perfection. She learned some acting skills that she really enjoyed using.

Eventually, the time came for the theatre to leave Hoofenheim. Stage invited Anne to accompany him.

After careful consideration, she decided that it would be great to continue to pursue excellence in her just developing acting skill.

Character Personality: Anne is very intentional. She holds posture and well-calculated movement in high regard. She's generally understanding if you don't share her priorities, but if you do, her opinion of you will be that much higher.
Character Summary: Anne, who goes by Annie, on occasion, is a very particular pegasus. She is vey precise in her movements and very unforgiving of her own mistakes. She's been working on improving that, but it's difficult. She travels with the Tour d'Equestria Touring Theatre with her adoptive family. She is an accomplished aerial dancer and a fairly decent apprentice actor.


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