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Profiles in Fellowship (Bellosh & SteelEagle)

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Twilight frowned. Sunset was always a little reticent to discuss her hometown and didn't have good memories of it, but this reaction was a little less than she had hoped. Was the memory of Hope Hollow so awful for Sunset? It didn't sit right with Twilight. It didn't hit her heart well. Such gaps and such damage needed to be filled somehow, some way. You couldn't be whole if you didn't make peace with your past, the demons that scarred you, because a piece of you sat in the prison of angels of a lesser grandeur. She opened her mouth to speak when Sunset made her move, giving Twilight a chaste kiss on her forehead, adjacent to a horn which felt itself burn up in a manner of excitement. Multiple manners of excitement for the mare, but she wouldn't let it show too much aside from the faintest glimmer of a blush flashing on her features briefly, leaving little but the aftermarks of a shimmer on Sparkle's face.


It was enough to give he pause, but Sunset's attitude still needed to be bolstered. She was not deserving of being in this pit she dug for herself. Twilight trotted next to Sunset after a few moments, missing her depressed sigh. "Hey. Hey!" She pulled Sunset gently up by her chin until they were looking eye to eye. "Don't ever say that about yourself, Sunset. I know one thing: Nocreature that has met you for a moment will ever forget you. How could they? You're a very special mare, even when you're woman," Twilight said before she gave her friend a deep and powerful hug, pulling her up off the ground with its intensity after a few moments. She would not allow Sunset to fictionalize her own self-worth and respectability so she could get away with giving in to her self-doubt. She was worthy of so much more than she gave her credit for.


"Hopefully I'm not interruptin' anything?" Came a drawling voice, that of Mage Meadowbrook as she approached. "Princess Twi-light Sparkle, so good ta see you! And who is this friend of yours?"

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