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Enigma Haze

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Name: Enigma Haze

Age: 29

Gender: Mare

Race: Unicorn

Relationship Status: Single

S/O: Bi

Likes: Video Games, Fan Music, Rock Music, Exploring
Dislikes: Being alone, Loss of power, Screamers (In Online gaming)


Despite her appearance, Haze is pretty easy going and friendly. She does spend a fair bit of her time gaming, but does sometimes leave her home to get some fresh air and spend some time with her friends.


Haze was one a popular game streamer on Twitch known as Smokey Haze, but one time, she received a new game, that no one else in her group had heard of. After playing some of it, she found herself getting drowsy and passing out, with the game still running. When she awoke, she found herself as a pony in Equestria. After taking some time to adjust, she found herself being befriended by the Mane 8, and settling into Rainbow Falls, restarting her streaming career from there.





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