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New MLPRPer looking for RP :3

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Hi there! I'm Dragon and I'm new to the website. I'm hoping to find some people to roleplay with as I have just finished season 9 of MLP and I would love to continue enjoying the universe with my own roleplays of friendship.


I tend to write a lot, a couple paragraphs minimum. I'm looking for a story that incorporates the backstory of my oc, Shadowed Heart!   In short, my character is a student of Celestia, so something conducive to life in Canterlot would be great rather your character be a student as well or lives in Canterlot ^^ I'm really open to parsing out creative ideas so please let me know if you have fun additions and thoughts for the RP. I'm open to bringing in show characters and other outside characters, like my oc's sister, for example. I'd really appreciate if you'd let me know here or in a private message if you're interested :)




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Meeting Magnus might be interesting for him. 



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