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Pinkamena "Alice Lidell" Pie

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Name: Pinkamena "Alice Lidell" Pie

Age: 19

Gender: Mare

Residence: Rutledge Asylum, Wonderland
Hometown: London



Alice Lidell was orphaned as a young girl, when a fire broke out in her family home, leading her to withdraw into her imaginary world of Wonderland. Due to this how-ever, she was sent to Rutledge Asylum, where she also withdrew into her world of Wonderland, how-ever this time, it was full of despair, anguish and slavery, where she had to defeat The Red Queen to end the despair. How-ever, even after she defeated her, there would come a new evil to warp and twist the wonders of Wonderland.

During one of her ventures into Wonderland to learn the truth about what happened to her, she finds herself in Equestria, looking very much like the Pink Party Pony known as Pinkie Pie


She is kind and compassionate to those who show her kindness and who helps her in her journey to learn the truth, but she does not have a trouble harming or killing those that would stand in her way. Due to her past, she is how-ever deeply traumatized.

Likes: Wonderland, The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat
Dislikes: The Red Queen, Her Card Guards, Anyone who stands in her way


Key Moments:

  • Discovering Wonderland
  • The house fire and death of her family
  • Being sent to the Psychiatric Ward at Rutledge Asylum
  • Rediscovering Wonderland, now in despair
  • Defeating the Red Queen and her lackeys
  • Being released from Rutledge to live in the orphanage for traumatized children
  • Discovering another evil has taken over Wonderland
  • Finding herself in Equestria


While the Cheshire Cat may come across as mangy, he is quite nice (at least to Alice) and is quite protective of Alice

Friends: The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat
Enemies: The Red Queen, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum





Cheshire Cat:




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