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A New Wonderland! (Adventure/Rom/SoL/Horror/Anthro)

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Set after the events in 1874 when Alice defeats the Red Queen of Hearts, thus freeing Wonderland from her tyranny, and after the events of 1875 where she was released from the Asylum and was given room and work at Houndstitch Home for Wayward Youth, where she was drawn back into Wonderland to save it from the new ruler who was threatening her sanity.
 Alice finds herself in a totally new world, this world being Equestria. She has the appearance of Pinkamena Diane Pie, and has taken the moniker of Pinkamena Pie, but she makes it a habit to tell people her actual name is Alice Lidell.


What happens now, is that this is not like her other Wonderlands. For one, every resident is either a pony or some mythical creature (Dragon, Griffon, Hypogriff, etc), but due to her adventures in Wonderland, she does not find it odd or strange. How-ever, she is totally lost, and has no idea where to go or how to make friends (something that is apparently what she needs to do to be able to survive in this new Wonderland).


How do you come into the picture? Well that's easy, your OC will be the one to befriend Alice and to show her around Equestria, helping her to settle in.


For more information on Alice, this is her profile HERE

An example of what she would look like anthro would be akin to this picture (only anthro):




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