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Pirates of Canterlot OOC

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This thread with some hope, will be used for all players to plan pirate things! Ships, crews, and so on can be listed here so we know what pirates are sailing or flying about in the seas and skies. Along with letting crews of them work out details together and plan RPs. 


To help with this all ships and crews shall be listed on this page. Ship captains, let me know the ship, what she is like and her crew and I will put her down on this page. Same for crew, let me know what ship you are on and I will list you with it. 


To list a ship just fill this out.

Its name and Captain.


Ship rating: first is it Nautical or aeronautical, Seaship or Airship. - Ship rating, from a giant 1st rate ship of the line down to 6th rate frigate, below that are unrated ships such as Sloops, brigs, cutters and schooners. - Last, what the ship is. 


Gundecks: How many decks of the ship hold cannons. 


Guns: The ships cannons, what she is armed with and how many in total. 


Crew:  Sail ships had big crews. The vast amount of them shall be NPCS that take care of the day to workings of the ship. List the ships crew and if it has less then a full crew, what is the max the ship can hold. 


After all of that is the ‘Player crew-mates listing’ it is what it sounds like. List all the player controlled crewmates. What job they name, the OCs name and player. 


Listed pirate ships


‘The Vicious Disgrace’ captained by Draco Silvanus



Ship rating: Nautical - Unrated - Sloop of War

Gundecks: One

Guns: Ten 6-pounder cannons and eight 32-pounder carronades, 18 guns total.

Crew: 90 out of a max crew of 120 


Player crew-mates listing

Captain: Draco Silvanus by Dusty




Threads involving pirates

"To all that can read this, Draco of ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ be'hireing crew!”  - Draco Silvanus

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oh my, such a small pirate!

But I shall add him when his papa's ship gets listed. or may make a new slot to list pirates with no listed ship or something. 

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Ship Name: Zephyr's Kiss
Captain: Tarisio Goldplume
Ship Ranking: Aeronautical, Refurbished Griffon Military Great Frigate, 5th Rank
Gundecks: 1
Guns: 40+ Including but not limited to several 42 Pounders, 4 Long Nines, 4 Cannonades, 2 Paixhans Guns, and several appropriated magitech cannons
Crew Size: 200~
Player Played Crew:
Tarisio Mercutio Goldplume - Captain - Myself
Minerva Sheartalon - First Mate - Myself
Edelweiss - Cabin Boy - Windwright

Edited by Dubstep
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Draco’s first mate Seabreezer is ready for some fun! 


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So is this only for pirates, or any sailors?

Because I've just posted an app for a sailor pony just before seeing this thread. He's no pirate, but he is captain of his own two boats (one a small personal sailing boat, the other a cargo ship).

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Eh why not, I'll bite... Even though every. single. thread that Harle has been in has failed, maybe this will change things...



Sky Pirate Harle's Ship:

Name: Wings of Adventure

Type: Airship 

Crew: 10-20 (can hold 30 if needed) + Captain & 1 guest + up to 3 prisoners in 1 jail cage (Crew consists of a random mixture of creatures, from Ponies to zebra to Diamond dogs to Griffons to Kirin... even a dragon once! Equal Opportunity!)

Gundecks: 1 (with one cannon on each side reserved for firing massive smokebombs to cover their escape)

Cannons: 6 per side

Decks: 4 (Main deck, Crew quarters, kitchens/workshop/armory, Storage/supplies)

Size: Not small but not huge, probably a 3/6 or a 4/6

Misc Info:

-Crew all share one deck, sleeping in hammocks with a small trunk bolted to the floor under the hammock for their personal possessions. At the bow of the ship on this level is a small stage where every night Harle humiliates her crew for an hour every night by singling them out to perform whatever they want from singing to standup to magic (and she takes her own turn too - its less about "tormenting" them as it is letting them all relax and blow off steam)

-Officially the ship and its crew/captain have been cited in dozens of crimes ranging from harassment to arson to murder, though with enough digging most of the crimes turn out to be false (except for the arson, which was due to drunken shenanigans burning down a tavern --- nocreature was harmed in the fire though)

Notable Crew: Harle Blackclaw (Captain)

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