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The Cocoa Hut (OOC [closed: Pyro])

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Co-Starring: Cocoa Nut.


A new pony? In Ponyville? Bah! They're a bit a dozen. A chocolateer? That's... slightly less boring (obscure ref).


Any friendly or curious ponies that would want to check out the new chocolate and candy shop in town called "The Cocoa Hut" (exotic chocolates and candies for the adventurous tongue)?

Be warned. She may be a little much for some ponies. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on her mood. And the phase of the moon.



Please only one other player. If you have a pair of OCs, that's okay, but mostly, I just have trouble keeping track of too many players at once.

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K, I posted the topic. ^v^

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