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[Age of Heroes]Through Space and Time (Closed:PrinceBlueblood)

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It been few weeks since Ossia di Nerezza as Prince Blueblood sexy and hyper-competent secretary, 'Misty Note'. His guests could notice that stallion's surroundings became much more organized, efficient etc.


But that that was on the surface....beneath the surface - of the Blueblood's Manor that is - intensive works were happening day and night.


The small cave that Prince initially possessed was expanded into full blown dungeon complex. Ossia just kept adding room after room, digging through the rock with her raw strengths and magic.

That said, after each new chamber became sclupted in stone, the alicorn shown that she's knowledgeable in carpentry and decorations as well. Somehow she managed to smuggle all kinds of furniture, equipment and Saddle Arabian carpets to make thme more cozy, but how exactly Ossia did that was a mystery.


Still, right now she happened to be in the main room, staring at magical image of known heroine - Battlemage. Prince has left a few hours ago, but all she managed to do in the meantime was getting herself frustrated. Volmes of open books were laid on the tables and shelves, and many pieces of paper were scribbled with notes and calculations. All to no avail....


"Twilight...." she muttered to herself, massaging her temple while staring at magical visage of the robed mare. It was clear that some kind of dilemma was giving di Nerezza a headache.

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