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Long Time No See!

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早上好 ! • Good Morning !


You can call me Funky Fungi, but simply Funky or Fungi is good as a short alternative. I am currently a student who has a soft spot for science and hope to pursue a career revolving around such. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese, both the language and writing, and like to incorporate it in my virtual life as a way to further memorize and study them. I have been roleplaying for nearly six years now and I like to look back at my progress. I have experienced several scenarios and fandom roleplays with a number of individuals, and can safely say my skills have improved significantly. It has been a while since I roleplayed within the pony-universe, and I feel with the revival of my love for the show it is time I revisit this fandom for new memories.


This is not my first time here on canterlot.com, in fact, I have been meaning to revive my old account. The past two years, almost three, that I have been exploring other roleplaying websites and fandoms, I grew distant from this one. I have progressed as both a person, and a roleplayer. Recently, I thought to log into my old profile and completely redesign it, but I decided to leave it as a reminder of my progress and instead start fresh.


I have been a fan of My Little Pony for years, my childhood focusing on Generation 3 more than others. I remember when Generation 4 came to light, I was amazed by the complete redesign. The ponies were so much more animated than previous generations, I was on the fence for it but eventually grew on the show. My relationship with the Friendship Is Magic series was on and off, and only recently with the closing of the story, I have decided it is time to revisit the old memories. I cannot say I have a favorite pony in particular, but I've always had a place for Zecora in my heart... though if I had to choose, Rarity's dramatic personality never fails to give me a laugh or two.


I cannot wait to finally get through the series entirely, rather than watch little snippets, and to fully understand the new species and ponies they have introduced in my absence from the fandom. Looking back on what I remember, the style of the show has improved and opened a door for endless possibilities in the fandom. I am especially excited about learning more on the Kirin species.


That being said, I cannot wait to create improved original characters and blow the dust off the part of my mind that roleplayed in the pony-universe. It is great to be back, I hope to make an impact within this community and find the time to get to know others once again!


再联系 ! • Let's stay in touch !

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