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Heyo! I'm new here, as is obvious, and I'd love to get to know everyone here!

  • About Myself I have always wanted to be a writer, but unfortunately, I have trouble coming up things to write about. I thought a role play site could help! I don't have much experience, but I do have experience writing little stories. Fun fact: I've never written a finished story in my entire life! I always get side tracked, distracted, or just forget about it. I love to read and I sometimes dabble in drawing. I'm pretty socially awkward, but I'm learning, so that's pretty cool. I'm basically Twilight before she met the Mane 6, but without the epic magic abilities, and the fact that I'm obviously not a pony as I'm typing this with my fingers. I recently got out of a year long, self hatred filled slump, and I'm hoping to find myself again. 
  • How I found Canterlot.com After weeks of wanting to write self fulfilling MLP fanfiction but instead just sitting there uninspired, the idea dawned upon me to look for an MLP role play site to have others assist me in the development and story of my character. I just searched up "MLP rp" and bam. Here I am. 
  • How I became a fan of MLP:FiM When I was in 1st grade or so, a friend I had showed me A Canterlot Wedding. I loved it. Been a Twilight Sparkle fan since first grade. When I moved into a place in which I really didn't want to be in 4th grade, I created a character and used the show as a way to help me cope. I drew everything as ponies. Now I'm in high school and I heard the show had ended. I checked back into the fandom, and got hooked all over again. Of course, still love Twilight. When I was in 7th grade or so I took my previously created self insert OC and I shipped it with her, lol. I recently redesigned her completey, still ship her with Twilight of course, and use self shipping as a way to help me cope with things. 
  • My favorite main cast/pony Wow, this is a mystery. I don't know guys, I think it's Pinkie Pie. Ah, who am I kidding. I would die for Twilight Sparkle. My other favorites are Luna, as I can relate deeply to her, Rainbow Dash, Celestia, and our amazing alicorn princess Discord. 
  • Seeing as I'm new to role play as a whole, where do I even begin? I'd love to know how to navigate the site, where to sharpen my skills, if OC x Canon is allowed, stuff like that. I'm excited to see where this takes me! 
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Howdy! Welcome to Canterlot! 


As for how to use our site:


If you'd like to RP right away then go to the Free for All section. You can start a thread there and/or ask others to join a thread by posting in the OOC.


Our World of Equestria sections are for those who have character approved for use in WoE. To get your character approved for WoE use post an application in the Character Applications section. Myself or another staff member will respond to your application and walk you through any changes that need to be made for approval. Please read Rarity's Application Form carefully and follow the format presented in that post. Also check out Fluttershy's Creature Compendium to make sure your character falls within the WoE accepted for pay species. If not, remember you can always play any character you'd like (within site rules) in FFA!


You can apply for and play both OC and cast characters here. :)


You can also chat and get to know us on the Discord server if you're interested in that. ;) 


Feel free to PM myself or any other staff for further assistance! I hope you enjoy getting to know Canterlot.com!

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