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Greymane,knight of the sun

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Name: Morgan Greymane (Knight of the righteous sun)

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Species:Earth pony
Eye Color: A goldish hue,
likened to molten orbs of gold.
Character Color: A grayish color,seemingly representing his supposed age but is in actuality more of a family trait

Mane/Tail: His mane is of an average size,mostly due to Morgans attempts to keep the mane that way. His tail however has completely been removed(a battlefield injury and a rather embarrassing one that he covers up with his cloak). His mane is of the same color as the rest of his body,though of a lighter shade. 
Physique: A rather muscular and well built earth pony. His height rivals that of the equestrian princess’s, giving him the nickname “The Giant”. He always keeps his beard neatly trimmed,but enough for people to know it as a beard rather than some hair on his chin. He prides himself on his beard and will go to great lengths to take care of it.

Residence: Does not have an established home,though frequents local taverns and inns A LOT 
Occupation: Wandering knight/adventurer, ale enthusiast.
Cutie Mark: A sword wreathed in lightning,as if the sword was channeling it, earned from fighting at a young age and wrestling a bug bear into submission.
Unique Traits: 

   Magic: A surprising thing to see in an earth pony,his isolation has given him strength from the power of storm and sun. He can manipulate lightning,thunder and light energy within his body and hooves,giving him an advantage against creatures of the dark. He may manipulate it in ways that unicorns may find “unique” (shaping the lightning into Spear like projectiles and throwing them,enchanting his blade with holy light,tending to wounds with it,etc). This lightning aspect,however powerful,has its drawbacks. It's power can cause the user to become listless and tired,occasionally backfiring to almost lethal levels (has caused heart attacks in the most extreme cases). One must be very careful with this power, as it has been soaked into his body.



  Unshakable champion: A champion of trotland,his strength is still a mighty ally. This strength allows him to carry heavy burdens as well as hit hard in physical combat. It also extends to his mind,seeming to give him an almost fanatical focus within serious tasks. 


Mustard knight:Like most eccentric warriors,this one wields some unique weapons:a full set of heavy plate mail that seems to cover most of his body (with a great helm to go along with it) as well as a yellowish patterned fur cloak. This armor has saved Morgan's life on a few occasions,though it's weight severely hampers his speed. His only weapon is a rather large sword,capable of being wielded effectively through either pure brute strength or magical assistance. The heavy blade has been called the “shield breaker” due to its weight of shattering shields and the like.

Borne to a Family in a region known as trotland, Greymane was always one of a fighting spirit. While all the others had gotten into sheepherding and mining, Morgan yearned for battle and adventure at an early age. His fighting spirit would get him in quite the trouble with the lands fell beasts as well as others of his people. His cutie mark would be earned through his many altercations with vicious beasts,his fighting spirit and courage only matched by his wrath when pushed. That fighting spirit however would evolve when his land and Equestria was in danger from the evils of the north, it’s dark crystals looming over the land. The wars  of Equestria would give morgan a chance to prove himself not here eyes of Equestria. Through his time in the north as well in many altercations, he would earn himself a high position within Canterlot. While being a knight of canterlot,Morgan had long admired the sun and the princess who controlled it from afar. He had been a normal earth pony with a history of battle on his shoulders. Battle would find him again as many conflicts took the land once more. These past conflicts that the elements had won made him question his own place as a protector of the realm. He decided to take a walkabout,a sort of reflective journey throughout the realm. With nothing left but his armor and his sword,he would venture to a secluded grove. He would spend years in relative isolation,focusing his own heart and soul on what he wanted most:the power to be a force of change and good in service to his princess. After years of doing so,he would get his wish...as the grove he rested within would start to change him biologically and magically,a pool of shimmering light making him become a wielder of that which seemed only available to some magic users:light magic. However,the turmoil of his past experiences in battle would weigh on his soul as well,bringing about a tempestuous power to the light...and granting him the power to shake the earth with stormy intent. His time in the grove having rejuvenated not only his strength but his mind and soul,he would search for those likened to his cause...and to serve the sun once more. This power however was not of the pool...but of a broken amulet,shattered in the past and left to seep into the pool he went in,affecting his body internally.

Personality: Driven by a desire to Smite evil and do good in the realm of equestria however he can, he is a virtuous pony but all the same fallible. He likes his mead and ale,tending to overdrink on the occasion. He is rather kind around strangers and has a rather long standing tradition of always going to the local tavern whenever he reaches a new town. However,he has many thoughts weighed upon his heart...past experiences in ye olden days of equestria as well as the loneliness he felt while isolated by himself have affected him, usually fearing being alone in a dark room without any light. He however will not tolerate bullies and tyrants,always doing his best to defend the weak and the defenseless. When in a romantic situation,he actually is one of the easier targets. 


Summary: An unshakable adventurer of light and storm,seeking to do goodwill amongst the people once more.

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