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One Last Night (Attn: Steel)

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"Darling! Tonight is going to be absolutely fabulous!" Rarity gasped in a sing songy tone. 


"I wholeheartedly agree!" Twilight couldn't help the grin that was spreading over her muzzle. 


"I'm so glad we decided on these partnerships for our shenanigans," Rarity smirked as she used the very Applejacky word. "I hardly ever get to spend time with you as of late!"


"I know! We've both been so busy and time just seems to fly. I can't believe the big day is so close..." She fluttered her lashes. "The wedding is going to be just lovely!"


"Speaking of lovely," Twilight glanced around Carousal Boutique and nodded in approval. "I'd say we did a pretty great job with this!" 


"Yes, and we'd best come here before we go out on the town for the evening. I'd like Applejack to appreciate our hard work in a sober state." The two had spend loads of time decorating for the last big party of AJ's single days. "You think she'll like it?"


"Yes, I think she will!" Twilight added a couple apples to the bobbing tank. 


They'd stop by to see it before the took AJ out for some strong cider. Then it would be back to the boutique for party games and who knew what else! They had kept the whole event in Ponyville as the friends knew how much AJ would appreciate some down home fun!


"Let's go get our friend!" Rarity trotted out the door and towards Sweet Apple Acres. Both wore sashes that said 'friend of the bride' and Twilight carried one for Applejack that said 'soon to be hitched!"



The sun was sinking when they got to the farm house. Rarity tapped on the door and called out.


"Oh Applejack darling? You party has arrived!"


Twilight giggled. This was going to be fun!

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Applejack was as clean as a whistle in the offseason, primed for a night out as prim and proper as she could make herself. Between another hard day of work- somepony told her to take a break and she could hardly even understand the words being spoken- and the stress of carrying Ambrosia to term she was a harried mare that day. But she had still put the work in with a nice bath, a nice coat cleaning, and even a freshly cleaned stetson. It was about as right fancy as she was obligated to get and she was plenty happy with her results. She hoped that would suit the two mares coming to pick her up for the night well enough!


She wasn't sure why they even needed this party. She was gonna get married tomorrow, why spend the night before going wild? Didn't much make sense to her. Then again she reckoned you only got married once so she could just roll with the punches as it were and have fun with her two horned friends. She had no doubt that they had a good plan in mind. Rarity had an eye for the right location at the right time while Twilight wasn't somepony given to losing herself to temptation (unless it was a book), so she felt like she was in the right set of hooves for tonight's exploits of debatable merit. 


The knock on the door arrived just as Applejack was putting on her sash, delivered to her just the other day for this night. It read 'bride to be' in fine cursive. She had the sash- Rainbow Dash had a hat of some kind. She turned to Apple Bloom, who wore an expression of mixed sadness, excitement, longing, and dread. It was her job to watch Zap Apple and she so badly wanted to come. But Applejack remembered a few mare's nights out when she was younger and a farmer friend or two were about to ring the bells of marriage. It could get awful rowdy! No place for a lil' filly.


"How do Ah look?"
"Like yer gonna have fun," Apple Bloom pouted.
"Oh, quit yer bellyachin'," Applejack responded, thoroughly over the argument as she trotted to the door and threw it open.

"Yer guest is ready!" She said as she trotted out, closing the door behind her. "So, whatcha got in mind?"

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