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One Quiet, Perfect Day Among the Noise (Closed, Icy)

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~~~Wind Dancer~~~




Wind Dancer nodded through her blush as Sky told her that they could save the flying toys for the music video for the track. Honestly that sounded like a lot of fun if not very dangerous. A hard plastic toy flying at seventy miles an hour would really hurt if she got smacked with it! Although she couldn't deny that her thoughts were more on what Kick beat had just said. She knew that the tabloids were running about them but she never really paid attention to it until now. Of course there would also be the rumors and thoughts of others that they would be intimate at this point. She admitted the thought had crossed her mind, but that was a conversation for later, and once she was certain that he was truly the one for her. Oh, who was she fooling, she'd already made her decision on that or they wouldn't be on their... fifth.... sixth.... seventh date after the bistro? More than that if you counted all the times she let him crash with her! Perhaps the next time, she'll suggest skipping the sleeping bags.


Kick Beat then spoke up again with a small laugh. "Naw man, just cuz you a pacifist, don't mean you can't have passion. Look at me man. I've already made it big, yet I swing out here in da lobbies and da streets. It ain't my time to shine no more, that's for all the new ponies like you and Miss Windy here. I'm far beyond a pacifist anymore, but I still have that passion and drive for music. Don't tell me you ain't got the same passion for each otha, cause I can see it in your eyes. Shoot man, you two are so perfect for each other that even the tabs have noticed it. Everything they write talks about how much happier you been," he said more towards Wind at the end before looking back to Sky. "And she was already a pretty happy pony, let me tell ya. So for ponies to be able to tell that she's even happier, you must be doing somethin special and right by her. And I'm sure that you've been happier too. Not many ponies knew who you were until that Mareage performance a couple months ago when y'all set up your first date."


"You were there for that?" Windy asked, her face still quite red from the line of conversation. As much as she admired the praise, sometimes Kick had a habit of laying it on her pretty hard.


"I been to every single one. You're my girl man. I watched you grow and dance in the parks. Once Bit came out and started helping you, I knew something special was going to happen. I didn't know that that performance was going to become a weekly thing, or that you were gonna draw the monster crowds that you do. Ain't no way I was gonna miss what was probably the biggest show of your life to that point. But listen here man, I've held you two lovebirds long enough. When you produce ol Bonk's album Tell 'im ol' Kick Beat said what up. Sure he'll be happy to hear that," he said with a smile before excusing himself to return to his act, waiting for the temp to drop a bit to go back outside.


Wind couldn't help but give a sheepish smile to Sky. "Well... I can't exactly say that I was expecting that kind of conversation to come from him. He's usually not so forward about things..." she said still quite a bit rosy cheeked. "What should we do now?"

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