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(This is a crossover character that I thought would work for the realm of Equestria. As such, I do not intend to claim the character as my own. Tobi and all of his variations belongs to the creator of Naruto Shippuden, Masashi Kishimoto.))

------------------General Info------------------

Name: Obito Uchiha

Nickname(s): Tobi, Madara

Age: 31

Birth Date: Unknown

Height: A few inches smaller than Big Mac

Weight: "Like I'd tell anyone other than myself!"

Build: Somewhat thin, but not too far from average build

Species: Unicorn

Physical Appearance: Tobi is described to have a darkish grey hide with a black mane and tail. His eye color regularly is black, but it was said that one of them could change to a red eye color and strange iris pattern when using certain types of magic.


Normal Attire: Tobi is often seen wearing a black robe with red clouds on the sides and back. Tobi is also known to wear his signature orange mask, which shows only on eye and hides the rest of his face. No one has seen Tobi's actual face as of now.

Formal Attire: Due to not participating in many events, he often does not have any formal attire

Mane style: Mostly short and spiked across his head

Scars/Markings?: A multi-lined wound on his face, which is hidden by his mask

Piercings?: No



Being a unicorn, Tobi naturally has the ability to use magic, though most of his magic uses are not practical. He knows basic spells, and has a few spells that he had been practicing on. Some magic feats that he has are listed below.

  • Tobi is able to use his magic to slip underground and pop right back out. This method is faster than walking for Tobi, but most would find it odd enough that he doesn't use it.
  • Tobi has been known to teleport by "warping" seemingly out of and back into existance. The cause of this is unknown, though it could be his unicorn traits that allow him to use this method.
  • Remarkably, Tobi is a skilled demolitions expert, having the ability to create paper bombs that Tobi often leaves behind when he uses his Minefield techniques.


These feats are often demonstrated in combat, when Tobi uses techniques that expend magical power like any other spell. As such, using said powers for too long can cause a magic failure, meaning that Tobi could be vulnerable when it happens.

Most of Tobi's skills and abilities are as follows:

  • Minefield Technique: Using the magic from his horn, Tobi can slip himself into the ground and leave bombs where ever he goes. The bombs are timed and after a certain amount of time, they explode.
  • Minefield Great Plains Technique: Upgrading his magic output to a greater status will activate this move. It is similar to Minefield Technique, except Tobi can move faster and lay bombs at a faster rate. Tobi has a small chance of getting stuck in the ground as the bombs go off.
  • Kamui: The source of this ability is unknown, since magic does not illuminate from his horn when he uses it. Kamui allows Tobi to warp in and out of existence in a short span of time. Each teleportation has a cooldown time that ranges from five seconds to a full five to ten minutes depending on the teleportation count. Tobi can warp up to seven times before cooldown.
  • Fireball Spell: Using the magic from his horn, Tobi can blast up to three fireballs at a time from a medium distance.
  • Phoenix Flower Spell: A lesser known technique that Tobi uses. Similar to the fireballs, Tobi shoots out several smaller fire projectiles that fly farther and faster, but don't hit as hard. This ability is often combined with Kamui to enhance the effect.



Relationship Status: Not interested

Known relatives: Unknown

Allies: Tobi is friendly to anyone who accepts his hospitality (his allies list changes overtime)

Enemies: Tobi often attacks only when others threaten him (his enemies list changes overtime)


Cutie Mark: c5ab061e17c5f03fe180c7cb635875dc.png


-----------------------Background and History--------------------

Most of Tobi's history is unknown to many, though what those who do know him can confirm was that he was born to a prestigious clan that later met a mysterious fate when they disappeared one other time ago. Tobi in his colthood past was called Obito Uchiha, and he had always wanted to become a powerful user in magic. Obito one day went out with his two friends, Kakashi and Rin to deliver something important to a town that was far away from Ponyville. After travelling for a while, Obito and his friends were ambushed by two stallions, one of which knocked out Rin and picked her up, carrying her away. Obito decided to go after the two, despite Kakashi's warning not to. Obito encountered the two stallions in a cavern and went to battle with them. Obito was losing when he then received backup from Kakashi. Together they had managed to defeat the two stallions and save Rin. They went to escape the cavern, but something happened then. The cavern started to crumble from under and above them. Obito pushed Kakashi out of the way and got himself crushed underneath a boulder that had fell. Obito made a few last words to Kakashi, saying "keep Rin safe" before eventually being buried by other boulders. Obito was gone... or so they had thought. The rest of the backstory remains a mystery, but what happened then led him to become Tobi.


((If you find anything that I should fix, let me know. Tobi's backstory, species and abilities has been modified to fit the regular magic and appearance rules of MLP.))

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Please put (ready) or (wip) so us mods know if this is ready to be reviewed 🙂

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