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Actually the opposite is true, at least somewhat. I haven't talked to the guy in a while so the situation might've changed. I can't really say I've been in love as of yet, and I don't see the situation changing any time soon.

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Oh, and I did watch 1 or 2 episodes of Stranger Things. A bit too spooky for me. That Max girl's older jerk brother has the same car as me though haha

 I mean, I'm generally a wimp when it comes to horror or thriller movies/tv shows, so... Yeah. Stuff like this doesn't always sit well with me.. Like, I would never, ever, ever, ever go to see a horror movie of any kind in a theater. Ever.  I mean, a couple years ago, someone live streamed the original Evil Dead on Twitch. I still, to this day, remember being freaked out by it. I will never watch it again. Some people I know LOVE horror. They have absolutely no problem watching it. I'll happen to walk in while a really scary scene is on and it'll stick with me for like a week. They are just watching it without any emotion and are totally unphased. In fact, it was nearly one year ago exactly that I recall walking in midway through a horror movie and I still remember it. It also ruined a song we recorded that same day. Now whenever I hear the song, I associate it with that horror movie. I don't know the name of the movie but, yeah... It was scary.

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On 1/19/2018 at 10:33 PM, PatchworkPsycho said:


Omg Big Marvel! XDDD


I watch all of his rubber chicken covers. Havana and Likey are my favourite XDDD

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