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Conor Colton

Colton Cloudkicker

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Name: Colton Cloudkicker

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Pegasus

Pelt Color: White

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Dark blue and light blue, short cut and messy

Eye Color: Light Green

Cutie Mark: Three suns

Physique: Normal build

Origin: Unknown (Cloudsdale most likely)

Roleplay Type: Mane RP

Occupation: Weather Manager

Motivation: To discover his origins

Likes: Flying, eating, drinking, sleeping, hanging with friends

Dislikes: Angry People, Freak Storms, Troublemakers

Character Summary:

Nobody knows where Colton came from, he could of been from Cloudsdale, he was a Pegasus after all, but nobody knew for sure. One day a couple in Hoffington opened their door to find a small, blue pegasus staring back at them, with not many other choices, the couple took him in. Colton led a strange childhood, treated differently by both adults and the other children, some ponies gave him special treatment, whilst others ridiculed him. Despite all this however Colton had only one passion in life, the sky!

Colton's foster parents didn't like him flying, whether it was for Colton's safety, or for their fear of embarrassment Colton didn't know, but that didn't stop him. Every opportunity he got, Colton always tried to soar beyond the clouds, he dreamed of the land above the clouds, a clear expanse of white clouds, blue sky, and sunlight. Too bad for him that whenever he got close to the cloud line, he either always couldn't make it, or was caught by his parents, that is until one day.

Once Colton was older his parents began to move out of their house and try to find residence in Manehatten, but when they did they were hit by a freak storm, unable to see a few feet in-front of them it looked like all was lost, that was until Colton had an idea. He soared into the sky, at last breaking past the cloud line, and guided his parents on the ground with markings in the clouds. When they reached Manehatten, Colton felt relieved and also strange, h looked on his flank and saw his cutie mark, three golden suns.

Colton knew that he was never really the son of his foster parents, even the most thick-skulled pony could notice that he had wings and they didn't, by now however, he had made peace with this and wasn't that bothered by it, either way though, he wanted to know where he was from, so he choose the most likely place to start, Cloudsdale. Colton now has a job as a weather manager, he still searches for his parents however, and one day he hopes to find them. But until then, he'll just stay in Cloudsdale, being where he's needed most, the sky!

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I kinda forgot about this character a while ago and I don't really have much time to have time for RP at the moment so.... :/ I don't really know what to do with him though, I might come back to it at a later date.

Thanks for your concern . :) It's been changed to WIP

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