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Conor Colton

My little Pony: Strange New World: Chapter one [Opinions needed]

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*If your reading this then firstly, thanks for viewing this, and secondly, if you do decide to read this please leave me your feed, this still very much a work in progress, thanks again, and enjoy ;-)

My Little Pony:

Friendship is magic

Strange New World

A Conor Colton Fanfic

Chapter One

Hello all, and welcome! Today i'll be sharing with you a few tales. Tales that will make you cringe with excitment, tales that make you experience and crave adventure, tales that will envelop you into a magical land, the land, of Equestria......

Strangely enough however, our story does not start in this whimsical land, instead our story begins in the most unlikely of places, the pink isle, in a Toys' R ' Us. Here we join our hero John, John is a young 20 year old man who enjoys the small things in life, whether it be his bachelor lifestyle, or just sitting on his old musty couch to watch the latest episode of My little Pony, and in his spare time he likes to watch old cartoons and movies on his old Windows Computer, the screen had more cracks than his ceiling, but he took all could get. And if you have'nt figured it out yet, yes John is indeed, a Brony.

However things have not been going well for John at this present time, he is still miserable and depressed at his parents death which occured a few months ago, and to make matters worse, John "was" a closet brony, until, of course he finally confessed it to his "friends" and what did they do, they just left, left him there alone, wallowing in self-pity and tears ( and what ever else bronies wallow in ). John, of course could only find comfort in the pink isle, where he felt most at home. And as John scanned each side of the isle, looking for anything remotely new he was interupted by the manager.

"Can i help you sir?" The manager asked

"No, that's okay, but thanks for offering" John said in a soft, and slightly startled tone.

"If you don't mind me asking sir, who are these, uh, ponies for?" John didn't feel any need to hold back anything due to his recent public disgrace, so he just let it all out.

"I'm buying them for myself" John stated in a clear straight voice.

"Oh....Well let me know if you need... anything... else" The manager implied, chuckling during his pauses. Now John felt even more disgraced, even though he was a total stranger he hated the idea that the manager would just tell everyone he met about the ordeal, but deep down, John knew that everyone had some good in them, or maybe that was the ponies talking, regardless he picked up what he came for a fluttershy figurine, paid at the checkout and left.

On his way home John wondered what he would do about his current situation, he could try and become an active member of the brony community, but would that exclude him even more from society, with this John headed to a near by park to ponder his next move. He looked around the park and saw children playing, and this reminded him of himself when he was young, all the things he worries about now, were mere niggling doubts at that age, and at the end of the day back then the only things that mattered were six things, and strangely enough, they were the elements of harmony, honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty, and even childhood had a sort of "magic" to it. But as John grew he started losing sight of those values, maybe that's why he loved the show soo much, mabye it brought back his childhood, as John pondered this however he failed to notice something, the figurine he had bought had no cutie mark, a mundane detail, but John wasn't in the mood to just deal with it. On the way back he said to himself.

"Wait, did I even think this through, what will I say? What will THEY say? More than likely, they'll ask what the hell a CUTIE MARK IS!"

As John's anger exploded he dropped the figurine and his proof of purchase, the figurine dropped like a stone and nearly shattered the innocent looking pony inside, and the proof of purchase floated away like a feather, in a panic, John scrapped the reamining bits of pony into his pocket and ran for the paper that was getting away ever so slightly.

Without even realising, John had chased it a fair distance, fair enough to end up right dead center in the woods that were beside the park, and his ignorance also led him to forget to zip up his poket, the entire length he had ran was strewn with bits of fluttershy's pink mane and cream skin. For a piece of paper, it put up quite a chase, and when John finally captued it like a fly in his hands, he looked back and realised the mistake he had made, so now he was lost, and he felt stupid, with all his pent up emotions he finally let it all out, he fell to his knees and looked up.

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!" John screamed at the top of his lungs. "How could this get any worse! I'm a social reject, I have nobody to go to, and now I'm lost in some stupid woods with bits of Fluttershy EVERYWHERE!" John tilted his head down and and took short heavy breaths, and he just sat there for a while collecting his thoughts, John was so depressed that he saw very little point in even going home, he put his back to a tree and relaxed. Something was strange about this forest, it felt, calming, serene, like all John's problems would just melt away, the serenity took over and John dozed off.

John dreamed of better times, childhood, his playful attitude, his old friends, his old house, however when John's dream started to focus on his parents the sky began to darken, it was a famillar darkness, one that he had seen before, Nigtmare moon, the dark horse speeded through his dreams corrupting everything like a cancer, cherised memories wiped clean by the diabolical mare, until finally it came for him holding his arms up like a feared child, John was helpless, he had had these nightmares before and could do nothing, that was until now. This time in the dream, Nightmare's assault was halted by six six figures, one with a crown and five with necklaces, this had never happened in his dreams before, and he was shocked by it, the figures glowed and sparkled with calming white light, but that light was soon darkened, like all in his dream, all seemed lost, until that is a seventh figure stood in, it did nothing but run to John with it's eyes lit up so bright John couldn't make out the figure, but it spoke to him, only uttering a few words before craddling John in a soft hite light.


John awoke screaming with a cold sweat, now feeling odd that he would just doze off in the middle of a forest like that. He looked up and saw the full moon staring down at him, because John was a lover of the show he could always make out a mare in the moon, just for his own entertainment, but tonight he couldn't, strange. Regardless, John composed himself and started walking home, he only took a few steps however before he heard something, and what could only be described as singing. John opened his ears to the sound, it was a bird tweeting the My Little Pony opening, how peculiar, John pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming, and again, and again, however the bird remained there, just staring at John, but then it took off, and John had a strong feeling that he should follow it, he didn't know why though, maybe he finally lost it, regardless he followed anyway.

John was getting tired of chasing small things through a forest but he pressed on none the less ( or wiser ), until finally the bird had led him to a clearing, with a single oak tree standing alone. The birds manner of song had changed and was only singing the second part of the iconic opening tune, John wondered why, until he head someone else, a girl, he could hear a girl singing the first part of the tune, the girl had a soft, serene voice, and it was coming from a sinle point, the oak tree.

"No.....no" John stated, "This can't be happening, I must have gone nuts. That has to be it, I've gone over the deep end, it took alot longer than I expected but now, this is it, I'm crazy, no doubt about it" John said as he paced back and forth, waving his arms around frantically, until he stopped and looked at the oak tree, letting out a huge sigh,"Well if I am crazy then i guess theres no harm looking" John reassured as he stood ever close to the tree, until he stood infront of it. He turned to the bird and said saracastically, "What now, oh mystic feather brain?" The bird then turned it's head towards the tree he was perched on and pecked the bark three times. John looked at it with a faceless unamused face, "Okaaaaay, but i'm using my hands, I'm rather against nose surgery, when I can't afford it"

John reached out and tapped the tree three times,".............Well?", John asked as he turned to the bird, "What now?" The bird did nothing and simply flew way. "Hey, wait! Where not done here!" John shouted,"Look at me, I'm shouting at birds, what age am I anyway.......nevermind" Then there was a creak behind John,"Huh!?" John stuttered as he turned towards the tree, but nothing was there,"Huh.......stupid tree.....well you and this entire forest, can kiss my a-" John was cut off as he turned, blinded by a white light, the exact same white light as he had saw in his dream, before even realising it John was being sucked into the tree behind him, grabbing the ground was useless as the ground was moist with rain, and before John knew, he was inside the tree.

Inside the tree, John began to change, he was shook like a ragdoll about the hollowed out tree and as he did the change had began, John's arms and legs shortened and became hooves, his back hunched over to create the shape of a pony, his hair retracted and then burt out into a mane, and his ( insert your own dirty joke here) grew into a tail, the impossible had become possible, John was now, a pony. He didn't have much time to enjoy his new form however as he was launched from he tree, John caught a glimpse of the new world he had entered, he saw blurred images of what appeared to be waht his television would display, gravity however set in. John landed on hill and tumbled down. He kept rolling for what seemed like an eternity until he hit a tree, this wasn't John's world however, the tree slingshoted him towards the town, John screaming all the way flew towards a massive tree, and inside was Twilight Sparkle, sorting through her many books, being helped by Rarity

"Spike? Spike? You got what I asked for?" Twilight inquired.

"Right here!" Spike said as he handed Twilight a reference guide, "And for the lovely lady..." Spike said as he pulled out a cold soda, on fine china, for Rarity, of course.

"Why thank you Spike" Rarity added,"Your such a wonderful helper, I think you deserve a present." Spike braced himself for a kiss but all Rarity pulled out was a box of chocolate kisses ( clever girl ) Spiked just looked in despair.

" Oh come o-!" Spike was cut off by John making a straight shot through two open windows but knocking soike through a door ( rather lucky about the windows don't you think?)

"Uh.....what was that?" Twilight inquired.

John had not lost a bit of momentum he flew through the air, like Rainbow Dash, speaking of which. Rainbow opened her cloudy door to find a stack of letters waithing for her, she was overjoyed, letting out her famous fangirl squee.

" Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, could this be it, could this be the letter from the wonderbo-" Dash was interupted by John and as he flew by the caught Dash's letter in his mouth. Over at Sweet Apple Acres, Big Macintosh was helping Applejack with applebucking.

"You doing good ok there Big Mac?" Applejack questioned in a competetive tone.

"Eeyu-", John, once agin flew by, this time taking out an entire row of trees and the top of the barn with him

"Uh....Big Mac?"


"Do you know what just happened?"


John was losing speed now, with the letter stilll in his mouth all he could see ahead was what looked like a bunch of animals, something pink, and something cream.

"And I was waiting for like ever, and then the post office said, your package got lost, and I was all like what do you mean my package was lost, it was a letter, how could you lose one itty bitty letter!?" Fluttershy didn't pay much mind to Pinkie as she was snuggling some woodland creatures, that was, until John arrived. He landed dead face first, creating a small crater, and the two ponies, along with the creature's hair stood on end. John was now woozy and gently moved his head in various directions until he saw a blurry image of Fluttershy.

"Oh my, are you ok?" Fluttershy asked carefully and John only replied, after looking around.

"Never better" then he blacked out.

"Oh my goodness, we need to help him" Fluttershy said in a soft voice whilst hoisting John onto her back, "Pinkie, could you maybe, please help me?"

"Okey dokey, let me just-" Pinkie said before letting out a huge gasp.

"What is it?" Fluttershy asked as she bunkered down.

"I think.....that's my letter! Yipeee!" Pinkie squeeled as she took the letter from the crater, Pinkie was delighted but Fluttershy just glared, to which Pinkie replied".....What?"

*Author note: Let me know what you guys think and whether I should continue this or not, comments are very appreciated :) Also note that this is my first fan-fiction and I would really like to get better, but I can olny do that if you guys help :)

Edited by Conor Colton

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Overall a great story it's good to see a story that's able to place a little bit of humour into it, without mainly focussing on slapstick humour or going off into the deep end on random jokes. There are just about 3 spelling mistakes and what not but a proof read can fix those but other than that it's a fantastic story. If you need a proof reader just ask me and I'll be more than happy to help you just PM me or reply back to this message. Keep up the good work.

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