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Dr. Whoof: New Beginnings

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Got a little (by little I mean long) Dr. Whoof story. This is the first chapter, sets everything up.


Oh hey look' date=' first chapter. Alright, what to say on this piece...

It pretty much began because I wanted to write something focusing on background characters. Writing about the Mane 6 is great fun but personality wise there isn't much stretching room. I had also been marathoning Dr Who (which I technically still am) so all that was fresh in my mind as I sat down and typed out 'Dr. Whoof'. And so began one of my more ambitious projects.

First off, I personally use Dr. Whoof over Dr. Whooves. It looks more appealing and sticks closer to the original 'Dr. Who'. I also prefer Derpy Hooves to Ditzy Doo because... well who names their child Derpy? It's a nice silly quirk.

Dr. Who fans will probably notice most of the Doctor's quirks in this story are based off of the 11th Doctor. You can detect it in his manic energy and the way he delivers his dialogue. I for one enjoy the 11th Doctor himself; Matt Smith is excellent at providing a fun, cool Doctor. The thing is... he's not really an authority figure. You don't really picture the 11th Doctor being a mentor; you picture him joking about hats and trying out new words. So I've tried to incorporate elements of some of the older Doctors into Dr. Whoof, most notably the 10th. Perhaps some eagle-eyed Whovians will detect traces of other Doctors, but I've pretty much tried to create a more authoritative 11th Doctor, which will show up better in later chapters.

For people unfamiliar with Dr. Who! Don't worry, this story should be fairly easy to jump in. I've tried to explain the Doctor's tools of the trade well enough and make Derpy relatable to the viewer, er... reader by being unfamiliar with the Doctor herself.

Some may ask why I used Derpy instead of say... Twilight Sparkle. The truth is I really wanted to write something with Derpy and make her an actual character. I for one love the little comics this fandom produces about her being silly/insane/muuuuuuffins. That's all fun but when it comes down to the line it just shows Derpy as being... well, stupid. Here I've allowed her to be somewhat Derpy, but she's still plenty capable of intelligent thought. I've kept certain quirks of her character (wall-eyed and muffins) but I also add some things like... emotions, thought and characteristics (naive, lonely, motherly). I HOPE it's come across well and I hope she's identifiable. Fellow Whovians can probably draw comparisons to previous companions, like Leela or Rose during her first series.

So, the story itself is more modeled after the Dr. Who serial format than the FiM show. Ya might see that I've hinted at future events what with the Primordial and the whole thing with the cradle. Rest assured there is extensive plans for both and much more. I'm trying to stray away from focusing on any of the main characters in the show. Most of the chapters I've planned out use background characters or characters of my own invention. This story will be a bit more serious in tone than the FiM show; I'll definitely be using more monsters and death and hey, maybe aliens.

The 'science' used in this story is a... bit off. The Bioelectromagnetic energy beings are something I could easily see in Dr. Who, if they haven't been there already. But the Doctor so easily pulling another power source for the Tardis instead of Artron energy? Probably wouldn't happen. Let's just pretend Princess Celestia is made of Trachoid Time Crystals.

Alright, time to draw this overly long description to a close! I'm really excited about this story so I'm sorry for rambling on about it. Next chapter will have some lovely clan warfare between griffon barbarians, so you lot can look forward to that I suppose. I'm just enjoying writing this story, though it would be nice if others liked it too. If I write enough chapters I just may submit it to EqDaily![/quote']

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