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Bramble Rose

Sweetie Belle

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Name: Sweetie Belle

Gender: Female

Age: Foal

Species: Unicorn

Pelt Color: White

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Cutely curled pink and lavendar mane and tail.

Eye Color: Green.

Cutie Mark: None. *pout*

Physique: Tiny, with a strong voice much bigger than she is

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Grade School Student! And helping out my big sister Rarity in her dress shop!

Motivation: I don't knoooooooow! I want my Cutie Mark and I want it NAAAOOOOO!

Likes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders! Singing, my big sister Rarity, fashion, making clothes just like my big sister Rarity!

Dislikes: Screwing up, trying something new and not getting my cutie mark, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara

Character Summary:

My best friends Scootaloo and Apple Bloom make up the CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS with me! Together we go on grand CUTIE MARK CRUSADER CUTIE MARK QUESTS to discover our cutie marks! I just KNOW that my cutie mark is gonna be something that shows that I'll be just like my big sister Rarity, who's totally awesome and so stylish! And then she'll let me help in her shop and we'll be fashion sisters together and go to shows together and it'll be so awesome!

Hrm... that gives me an idea for a song about sisters... hold on a sec... hmm... mm...mmmmMMMmmmm... o/~ Hey, sister, oh, sister, what do you know, Sister? Don't you know I wanna be just like you? Yes I do! o/~

Oh! Um... *blushes* Oh, nevermind that. Just something that I came up with ...


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