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QuickLimes Character Log

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Hello and welcome to my character log! As you may know I am QuickLime! Currently the holder of the most accepted Oc applications in all of Canterlot.com! (Phil The Time Wizard is like second)

Anyways in total I have  a LOT of characters !

7 Earth Ponies
12 Pegasus Ponies
17 Unicorns
1 Crystal Pony
2 Zebras
1 Changeling!
1 Diamond Dog
2 Griffons
1 HippoCamp
2: Deer

4 Free For All Characters
4 CC characters (2 don't count though lol)

And a Partridge in a Pear Treeee!
This list will constantly be expanding and growing! I am a endless source of Oc ideas! So if you need any help coming up with a creative cutie mark, or just need help with your application just let me know

And if you need additional help


My Guide is right here to help you ;)

Catch you on the Flip Side!

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Griffon/No Image yet


(Made and Accepted before HippoCamps were Discontinued in World of Equestria thus still playable :) )



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