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Roleplay Type: Mane

Name: Fleetfoot

Sex: Male

Age: Young Adult

Species: Peryton; Strongly resembles a Water Deer

Eye Color: Pale Amber

Coat Color: Dark mottled dusky Brown, faintly speckled a lighter tan along his legs. His wings are a faintly darker brown, fading to a lighter shade at the tips of his feathers.

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: He has a darker brown, wavey forelock that hangs over the right side of his face; being a Water Deer he also has a pair of six inch long tusks that resemble fangs of sorts. These are light cream colored.

Physique: For a male, Fleetfoot is very sleek and feminine, slim and in toned shape from his dancing. He is almost always seen with his blue and orange wool scarf wrapped around his shoulders, knitted for him by a very kind pony he'd come across in his travels.

Cutie Mark: N/A

Origin/Residence: Born in Whitetail Woods like most Perytons, left and began wandering at a young age. Currently lives in Everfree, he's stayed a bit longer than usual as the odd creatures captivate the curious peryton.

Occupation: None, Fleetfoot is a very reclusive forest dwelling creature, he lives off of the land and has no need for paid jobs. He's an incredibly skilled dancer, though.

Likes: The night hours, the time time when he can travel without too much worry of being seen. Secretly Fleet longs to meet the alicorn responsible for the beautiful night. He, of course, is very fond of rhythms and dancing, he preferably loves tap and ballroom dancing, though he's been known on occasion to indulge in a little more modern styles. Though solitary, he enjoys a bit of company now and again. Flute music, rivers, song birds, complimenting colors, and warm weather are a few of the little things that make this peryton smile.

Dislikes: Being surprised, Fleet is easily spooked and takes off at the slightest disturbance. Extreme temperatures, let it be hot or cold. He's particuarly sensitive to the cold, as he doesn't like how it feels on his nose. Large crowds make him very nervous, and he does not in the least bit like being ridiculed for his tusks, sometimes he doesn't even enjoy having them noticed.

Character Summary:

Being a breed of deer that naturally doesn't have antlers, identifying Fleetfoot's gender can be a little bit difficult at times. His personality doesn't really help this case at all. Fleet is incredibly shy and reserved around strangers, though it really doesn't take him long to open up. Once you get to know the odd thing, he actually can be a bit out going and fun, with a very good eye for color and fashion designs. What he enjoys most out of anything, though, is his dancing. Ever since he was a young fawn, Fleet loved dancing. Now, after years of practice, he's incredibly skilled in almost every style of dance and has a wonderful sense of rhythm. It isn't uncommon to see him enjoying a solo dance in the moonlight of Everfree.

Fleet is very soft spoken, with a smooth and feminine voice that has a bit of a musical tone to it. As a child, his parents were slightly concerned, as he never enjoyed rutting around with the other male fawns, and had much closer female companions growing up. As well as being an odd breed, he wasn't too well liked in general once he developed his water deer tusks. He was ridiculed with the nickname 'vampire' all through his childhood. As soon as he was sure he'd grown big enough, he bid his parents farewell, and left Whitetail Woods to see the world. Though unknown to them, he'd left partially out of shame for being so different.

Since he left, Fleet's life has been peaceful and serene, if not a bit lonesome. The sweet little peryton rarely can get the courage to seek out a companion, and sometimes is seen talking to the woodland animals. Very happy with where he is, Fleet still aims to one day share his dancing with others, it would take him a bit of coaxing to ever even think of revealing himself to the local pony population though. All in all, Fleet is a friendly, shy, sometimes slightly vain little peryton, quick to flee but quick to trust as well.

((I'll get an image up as soon as I can <3))

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Greetings! You have a cute app here but alas a Musk Deer isn't actually a deer despite the common name. Perytons are typically antlered deer of the cervidae family. While it's not clear which specific type of deer a Peryton really is, musk deer are not a part of the cervidae family. Would you be willing to change it to a tusked cervids such as the Tufted Deer or Water Deer?


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Clearly I need to do a little more homework regarding the species I choose to play xD

My bad completely, the name and appearance threw me off, Fleetfoot is now a Water Deer peryton :3

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