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Holiday Haul

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So the holidays have passed, we've had the turkey and the pie, hung out with our loved ones, and are getting ready to take down the decorations. Now it's time for the important part: Showing off all your gifts! If you got some sweet-o-licious swag, talk about it here. I hope everypony got what they wanted!

After 2 family gift exchanges and a visit from Santa (insane, I know), I rolled out with:

  • A pea-coat
  • New shoes
  • $175 in cash/gift cards
  • Guitar/bass strings
  • Guitar strap
  • Set of pliers for guitar maintenance
  • Bacon flavored popcorn
  • Ice scraper for my car
  • Scarf

And there's more to come after all that.

I can't believe I got so much. I don't even need all this. I'd have been just fine with the coat, shoes, scarf, and strings, but I guess I get things.

Also this scarf good lord

It's a hand-made replica of the scarf worn by the Fourth incarnation of Doctor Who. Same length, colors, stripe sizes, everything.



How'd you guys and gals do?

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