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Bramble Rose

Poison Joke - chat log and trip to Everfree

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Prior antics to this log involves Poison Joke getting spread all over.

Dark Core turned pink and fluffy.

Skye kept dancing everywhere - but didn't gain the skill to go with it.

DubStep couldn't talk over a whisper without his voice cracking.

Bramble Rose turned into a filly.

The spa was visited, and all were cured.

*pours some extract on Skye, Bramble and Djemba*

* Skye suddenly perks right up. "Suddenly, I'm delicious!"

* BrambleRose *aiyeeeeees* "Nuuuu! Why do you keep hitting me with that stuff!?" she cries.

* Skye goes around and starts licking himself until his tongue is purple.

* Inkwell get some blown on him too, thanks to a sudden draft. He blinks, and finds himself unable to open his eyes again. "Oh dear."

*cackles like a madpony*

Wait, what's on me?

* Djemba shakes it off

what's going on?

* Skye starts licking DC, too, adding random purple swaths. Of course, whatever he happens to injest, ends up on the colt, too..

GAH GET OFFA ME! *flails*

* Djemba tries to drum, but can't hold a beat. "NOOOO"

* Inkwell tries to walk and stumbles. "Where is everypony?"

* Skye moves on to licking the trees. "Mmmmph! Feefs Treefs Are Deficiofs!"

* Djemba raises hoof. "Curse you, Poison Joke!"

*turns pink and fluffy again* BLAST IT ALL! Now I have to steal more bubble bath!

* Djemba runs to the spa to get bathed


* Inkwell heads in the direction of the voices he hears and nearly runs into DC. "Oh, pardon me!"

* BrambleRose runs along with Djemba!

Watch it! *pushes Ink towards Bramble*

* Sherbet hides in her ice cream cart, unsure of what is going on

* Skye follows along, licking things along the way. The rock, a fence post, an apple or two, Miss Mayor, the fountain *splush*...

* Inkwell collides with Bramble, rising unsteadily to his feet again. "So embarrassing..."

*runs to the spa and steals some more bubble bath*

* Skye dunks his head in the bubble bath.

*comes back normal* Hmph...

* Inkwell wanders off in the wrong direction, towards Sugarcube Corner.

* Sherbet pokes her head out of her cart. "is the apocalipse over?"

Heh, as long as I'm around HAVOC SHALL REIGN!

hide your foals, hide your mares, hide your stallions, cause they're joking everybody out there!

* Skye comes back, his head an atrocious wet mess, but at least he's not licking anything anymore. Eyes DC.

*sneaks and pours some Poison Joke on Sherbet*

* Sherbet eeps and hides back inside her cart, but not before being coated by the extract

Don't hurt him Skye! :(

* Skye shakes his head dry. "Oh, I wouldn't -hurt- him..."

* Skye trots up to DC and just stands there. Staring at him.

Give him the lazy eye!

*glances at Skye* How's it goin twinkle toes

* Skye just stands there, and keeps looking at DC. "Oh, quite nicely, Princess. You?"

* Skye 's got that deer eyes thing going. @_@

...Shoo you're creepin me out

* Skye doesn't move, though. Sloooooowly turns his head one way.

* Sherbet jumps out of her cart, wet and sweating "why is it so hot in my freezer?!" she pants.

*glares at Skye* You're a real creep you know that....

* Skye turns his head around, and looks at DC upsidedownishly, before turning back the other way. All the time, keeping his eyes on the colt. Edges sloooooowly closer.

Go bug someone else *shoos*

* Skye turns his head back around the right way, but in the process ends up being nose to nose with DC. Looking. Right. At him. "Behave yourself."

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* Inkwell got turned around and is heading roughly spa-wards.

* BrambleRose helps Inkwell get to the spa...

* Inkwell smiles and follows Bramble. "Thanks. So I got hit with Poison Joke, then?"

* BrambleRose mmm-hmms. "We both did," she replies. "Just gotta get a good bubble-bath. Lady at the spa says business is booming... whoever's spreading the Poison Joke around lately is a real hero!"

* Inkwell snorts. "Blinding me is hardly a heroic action.

* BrambleRose hehs... "Well, her words, not mine." She stays touching up against Inkwell's side so she can guide him along the streets.

*laughs* Ahhh the sweet sounds of chaos~

* Inkwell chuckles. "Naturally. If only the cure was getting your portrait done, I'd share her opinion."

Oh? You do portraits?

* Inkwell nods. "I'm an artist, darling. I draw and paint for a living." He turns his head. "Feels like we're indoors now."

* Djemba runs up to Inkwell. "I think I saw some of your pieces in a gallery once."

* BrambleRose *nods* "Yup!" *guides Inkwell to a bath." Another two, Lily! *lets Inkwell get in first* "And I hope I can see your paintings once you can see again!"

* Inkwell smiles and blushes. "That was a red letter day for sure," he says as he lowers himself into the bath. He dips his head below the surface and opens them a crack once he reemerges. "Ah, sweet sight, how I missed you."

* BrambleRose *giggles*, and then the little filly jumps into the bath next to Inkwell. The colt comes up, gives his mane a shake. "Ahhh... back to myself again."

* Inkwell drapes his forelegs over the side of the tub. "I suppose I might as well get the full spa treatment as long as I'm here."

* BrambleRose hops out of the tub, smiles up to Inkwell. "You do that. I gotta get this stuff back to the others..." *picks up a small basket full of bottles, prances on out of the spa*

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.....You need a breath mint

* Skye just keeps staaaaaaaaaring. Ever seen a deer blink?

Outta my face *bops Skye in the eye*

* Skye ows! "Hey! That wasn't nice. And here I was, going to buy you a muffin and everything."


* Djemba hits DC over the noggin with a drumstick. "Don't do that to Skye!"

OW! *holds head*

* Djemba harumphs. "Serves you right."

* Skye shakes a hoof at DC. "Ooh, if I had fingers, I'd give you such a pinch!"

Psh, whatever, Miss Couldn't-hold-a-beat-in-a-bucket, heheheh, and shoo you creepy thing *kicks dust at Skye*

* Sherbet starts sweating even more. "gyah! it's even hotter out here!" she runs about the area, unable to see due to her drenched hair over her eyes. "help! I'm meeeelting!"

Hey! I'd like to see you be a drummer, DarkCore!

Then we'd see who can hold a beat

* Skye reaches out and nabs DC's tail! "Aff It! Off er oo ond iff oo!"

Drummer is the lowest rank in a band's hierarchy~

Argh, perhaps later, though. *grabs Sherbet and hauls her off to the spa*

Did I say that I was just a drummer? I can also play guitar, keyboards, and flute.

If there were four of me, I could be my own band.

Oooh so your multi-talentless

* Djemba grrrrs. "Don't...tempt....me...."

* Skye starts to drag DC towards the pond he was dancing in earlier. Of course, he's not exactly the -biggest- deer there is, but surely even he's got a coupla pounds on Darkie.

Hahahahah *yanks his tail out of Skye's mouth* GET OFF!

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* BrambleRose meets Djemba and Sherbert on the way to the spa. He puts down the basket and greets them with a smile. "Hey there, fillies! I picked up something for you! Anti-joke!" *offers bottles*

Hooray! My hero! *hugs Bramble*

What did the Poison Joke do to you?

* Inkwell emerges from the spa looking like a million bits.

* BrambleRose blushes at the hug... then blanches at the question. "You ... didn't notice any difference?" he asks...

* Sherbet eeeps as she suddenly dragged my djemba, leaving a trace of sweat as she was pulled. "I don't wanna turn into a pony puddle! oh what a horrible way to go!"

I didn't see you earlier, no.

What did it do to you?

* BrambleRose *ohs* "Um... it's... not important... "

* Skye heys! "Get back here, you!" he turns and starts to chase Darkie down the road. "Yer getting a bath, too!"

Although....I did see another filly earlier.

*shows Djemba the pic he snapped earlier* That's what happens to 'her' *snicker*

ACK! *runs off from Skye*

Wait a sec....that was you!

* Djemba suppresses laughter. "Well, that Poison Joke sure knows how to joke around."

* Skye doesn't actually -catch- Darkie, of course, but the thrill of the run is easy to get caught up in. "Woo hoo hoo!" he cries from behind the colt. "I'm gonna getcha, gonna getcha, then I'm gonna wetcha!"

* BrambleRose *squirms* and ducks his head, the delicate little colt writhing in embarassment...

*skids and turns, using Bramble as a jumping board*

* Skye bounds over Bramble in a single graceful leap, flaring his wings to catch himself in a bit of a glide before landing again and continuing the chase towards...the spa?

* BrambleRose *acks* and finds himself face-planted into the dust.

* Djemba hugs Bramble. "It's okay, we all have embarrassing moments."

*comes to a skid outside the Spa* ACK! *turns and tries to run again*

* Inkwell sighs, enamored with his shiny, fragrant mane. "I simply must visit again."

* Djemba smiles. "You did look quite beautiful earlier as a filly, though, I must say."

That can be arranged *runs by and pours some extract on Inky*

* BrambleRose blushes some more. "Ah... I... um..." He has *no* idea how to respond to the hug and the compliment...

* Skye ends up running into DC, bowling him over as they tumble into the doors of the spa, a blue and white whirlwind clattering and tussling. Of course, somewhere in there are giggles.

* Inkwell perks his ears. "Who are you talking ab-" His eyes snap shut again. "SON OF A MARE!"

*flails* GET OFFA ME YOU CREEPY DEER! *kicks and flails to no use*

* Djemba facepalms "Not again."

* Skye ends up in yet another pile of...more blush. Now they both end up looking like Rainbow Dash, covered with foundation and multicolored powders. Skye sneezes, sending sparks. Sneezes again!

Bah *coughs and hacks*

* Skye starts to inhale deeply, of course, getting more of the powder in his nose. This one's gonna be a doozy!

* Inkwell furrows his brow and marches up to DC. "Young colt, just what do you think you're doing?" Too bad he's looking ten feet away from him.

* Djemba trots over to Inkwell and pours one of the bottles over his head.

That should solve things.

GAH! *covers his face as Skye preps a sneeze*

* Inkwell blinks and wipes his face. "Much obliged."

* Skye sneezes. Of course, from outside, that's not what it looks like. Suddenly, where the spa was, is a technicolor nightmare that appears to be celebrating its own fourth of July. When the dust clears, the building is unharmed, but both Skye and DC are -covered- in the stuff.

* BrambleRose *whews* as he no longer has the filly telling him how beautiful he was as a filly, himself... *last* time that happened, he ended up in frills... he picks up another bottle of anti-joke and pours it over Sherbert...

bah gack huff *wheeze*

* Skye rubs his nose, smearing the powder everywhere, but at least the sneezes have stopped for the time being. "Excuse me."

*kicks Skye in the shin then runs out of the spa*

* Djemba confronts DC outside

You little monster!

* Inkwell looks around at the proceedings and blinks a few more times. A small giggle escapes him.

*Skids to a halt* Flattery will get you everywhere! *turns to run again*

* MudBug (Mibbit@ has joined #EquestriaForums

* Djemba tackles DC

Hey guys ^^

GACK! *is pinned*

* Sherbet is still sweating, trying to look around under her drenched mane. "can't anyone help me? I can't stand this heat!"

And where do you think you're going?

Away, where else *struggles*

* Djemba sits on DC. "Skye's done this before, and now it's my turn."

* MudBug blinks at Sherbert and chucks some mud.


'Mud is the -best- way to cool down.'


* Djemba sighs and lets him up

Now calm yourself!

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*flips end over end* OOF!

* Inkwell smiles and waves at Mudbug. "Never thought I'd see you here!"

* MudBug glances over at Djemba and DC.

'Is he acting up AGAIN?'

* MudBug waves at Inkwell.

* Djemba buries her face in her hooves. "Sadly, yes, Muddy."

When isn't he acting up?

*pops his neck and shakes off the makeup, splatting a large amount onto Mudbug*

'The spa asked if I could find some mineral mud and I was all too happy to help -that- way.'

* Skye trots out of the bathhouse. Or at least, something vaguely peryton-shaped does. It's hard to tell what his original color was, he seems to have them all.

* Inkwell oohs. "Interesting."

* MudBug blinks at the makeup splatted one her and shakes herself like a dog.

* Djemba glances at Skye and does a doubletake.

* Djemba bursts out laughing. "Skye! You're a rainbow Peryton!"

* Skye glances down at himself. "Oh, ponyfeathers. This is going to take -ages- to get out." he looks back to the shop and fairly wilts. "Oh, the lotus sisters are going to kill me."

Hmph, *sneaks and pours some Poison Joke extract into Sherbet's Icecream Cart when nopony's looking*

* MudBug blinks at Skye and raises a hoof to politely stop herself from laughing.

* Inkwell smiles and does the same.

* Skye hangs his head and looks incredibly embarassed.

* Sherbet , now cured from her poison joke and covered in mud, lets out a light sigh. "ah... that feels much better..." she looks at herself. "but now I'm all dirty!"

* Djemba puts a hoof on Skye's shoulder. "I'm certain we can clear things up."

* Skye ends up with a good hoof-shaped smudge on his shoulder, and now Djemba's got a loud of random colors on the bottom of her foot. "At this rate, I'd be happy just to be opaque!"

* MudBuggy glances around the Spa fearfully for a moment.

* Djemba leads Skye back inside to the bath.

* MudBuggy goes outside and gives herself a well earned dust bath.

* Skye follows back inside. Of course, getting -him- clean is a drop in the bucket compared to what's going to have to be done to the bathhouse! He certainly hopes there's enough water nearby, every time he gets in, he turns a slightly different color!

* Djemba watches Skye. "Hmm, I rather like the purple on you."

(Skye chased DC into the spa, ran into a tower of freshly-delivered make-up, of course spilling it everywhere. Skye sneezed. The Spa looks like a Picasso.")

*brushes off the last of the makeup* Feh, useless creature *shakes dry*

* Sherbet shakes as much mud as she could and goes to get her (joke-filled) cart, pulling it towards the spa. she then leaves it outside and walks into the establishment. "where do I ask fo-..." she tilts her head, unsure of what happened in there.

* MudBuggy peers at DC.

* Skye looks down as the water changes random colors, the deep royal purple fading to a lighter lilac. "You think so? But it's so embarassing being a whole different color."

* BrambleRose steps inside with everyone else, looking aroundwith wide eyes.. "Oh dear..." he says... "This is a mess..."

*makes faces at the ponies who went in to clean up the spa*

* MudBuggy whistles slightly at all the colours and moves to mop up some with her tail.

See ya Ink!

*kicks back under a tree and watches the ponies cleaning up and laughs*

* BrambleRose picks up a cloth and starts scrubbing alongside Muddy. Despite DC's laughing, he actually seems rather content to be helpful like this.

( Thus why she thinks Bramble looks pretty? )

* Skye fidgets. "Oooh, when I get my hooves on that colt, I...I...I dunno what I'm gonna do, it's hard when he won't sit still!" he steps out of the tub now his original blue, though with a huge white smudge between his eyes. "Oh dear." he looks around. Hopefully they can clean this up before the Lotus sisters get back from...wherever they went!

* MudBuggy nods to Bramble and moves to the door, flicking her tail clean outside with a long spray of makeup aimed at DC.

"oh my... what a mess... what happened here?" she looks at the other ponies in the spa.

ACK! *jumps out of the way as the spray of makeup hits the tree* WATCH IT DUSTBUCKET!

* Djemba turns to Sherbet. "It's....a long story."

* MudBuggy snickers at Dark Core and trots back in to scrub the rest of the floors with her tail.

* Skye grabs a mop with his teeth and begins helping clean up the mess as best he is able. Somewhat awkward, working with tools meant for ponies, but he manages.

* BrambleRose smiles and giggles at MudBug's antics... he noses something out of his saddlebags and tosses a tiny seed at MudBug. it lodges into the mud in her hair, and blossoms into a lovely flower growing in her mane.

*peeks into the spa* Woooah, looks like I missed a groovy party

You don't know the half of it, Dub.

* MudBuggy blinks in suprise at the flower in her mane and chuckles.

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"such hard working ponies... would you guys like some ice cream?"

* BrambleRose nods happily. "Oh, yes please!"

* Skye licks his lips. "Oh, certainly!"

Oh yeah, sounds tasty!

*snickers a little but quietly*

* Djemba shakes her head. "I'll pass."

'You got any blueberry?'

Blue Moon... Blue Moon is one of my favorites...

I'll take some Passion Fruit if you have any~

* Skye oohs! "A double on Blueberry too, if I may?"

"allright! just lemme go get my cart.." Sherbet trots outside towards her cart and tries to pull it close tot the entrance, but finds it much heavier than usual. "...what the hay?" the filly walks up to the door and lets out a loud scream, due to the fact that a giant polar bear's head pops out!

* MudBuggy blinks at the polar bear.

* BrambleRose jumps up and spins around as Sherbet screams, ready to help... ... ... Whu?

*snickers and trots off*

*walks out and sees the bear* Holy guacamole!

* Skye frazzles and dashes back inside the bathhouse!

* MudBuggy grins and tackles the polar bear.

the white bear lets out a light grunt, clearly not pleased with his current situation "oh no! what happened to you, snowflake?"

* Robikku-Pegasus watches from his front door with a small look of bemusement, before shrugging and heading back inside...

THAT'S little ol Snowflake...what happened

* MudBuggy blinks as she's sat on Snowflake and looks at the polar bear and then Sherbet.

'This is yours?'

* Sherbet nods. "he's my friend and helper...but I don't know how he got so big all of a sudden!" Snowflake tries to look up at mudbug

*looks around* Hey...wasn't DC here a bit ago?

* MudBuggy blinks down at Snowflake.

* BrambleRose steps forward, pickingup the last bottle of the poison joke cure. "Good thing he took off, cause this morning used up the whole supply!" *pours it over the polar bear's head*

Knowin DC though I'm sure he'll be back

Snowflake lets out a few grunts towards Sherb, as if communicating with her. the filly tilts her head in confusion. "huh? what do you mean this happened after eating some of the ice cream?" she notices bramble pouring the bottle onto the polar bear's head, who suddenly shrinks back down into his normal size. the sudden size change would have dragged mud into the cart if she was not fast enough.

I hope not! He got me with poison joke *twice* this morning!

* MudBuggy falls into the cart and pulls her head out, eyes swirling.

That kid keeps a stash of that stuff *shakes head*

I just want to...gah....he really ruffles my wingfeathers.

* BrambleRose offers MudBug a hoof. "Are both of you fillies all right?"

* Sherbet gasps lightly "so it was poison joke?" she offers to help mudbug out as well. snowflake suddenly climbs onto mud's back, as there wasn't much room to get out.

* MudBuggy makes her way out with Bramble's house and rubs her head.


*watching from the woods*

* BrambleRose sighs. "I guess that means the ice cream got all ruined by polar bear squishing it..."

*to himself in the woods* Blast, scratch that idea off the list, stupid bear

* Robikku-Pegasus comes back out from his own house, and stretches both back and front legs before shaking himself down and looking around for a brief moment. " Guess I should see what everypony else is up to...not like I'm doing much as it is. "

* Sherbet peers into the cart and shakes her head. "most of the ice cream got smooshed... the rest seems to have been covered with that poison joke stuff..." she sighs. "all that ice cream..."

* BrambleRose awwwws... "Tasty ice cream isn't worth the poison joke..."

What a waste...

Better that it got smooshed, had that gotten out, coulda been trouble

* MudBuggy pouts faintly.

*pats Muddy* Would you rather have eaten some poison joke ice cream

I guess it was a good thing... I would have gone out of business if that heppened!

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*runs by splashing Muddy and Dub with a poison joke extract filled balloon*

* BrambleRose *jumps* in surprise! *whews at it not being him*

*shakes accidentally spraying some on Bramble and Sherbet*

Dub *quietly* ahh man not again...

* BrambleRose *acks!* as she gets sprayed! "Duuuuub! We just *used* the last of the cure!"

*in a whisper* Sorry my bad

This is the third time this morning!

*whispering* that punk DC has a smackin comin his way...

* Sherbet eeps and tries to shake the extract off "oh no!" Snowflake, who was clinging on mud's back, also got splashed with the extract. he lets out a light whine.

* Robikku-Pegasus stops in his tracks to watch the group - it seemed like quite the busy times going on...although he could overhear the occasional use of the words Smooshed, Poison and joke...and simply decided to observe them briefly and see what was going on.

*checks his pack* AwW mAn, I uSeD mY lAsT tAbLeT *facehoofs*

*covers his mouth*


*coughs then goes back to a whisper*

* Sherbet starts sweating once more. "nononono! I don't wanna melt again!" meanwhile, Snowflake began to grow into a full size bear right on top of mud!

* MudBuggy blinks and looks at the extract, not sure what it's done.

* Skye peeks outside the Bathhouse!

wHaT a DaY...GaCk I nEeD tO sToP tAlKiNg! *covers mouth*

* Robikku-Pegasus facehoofs - he'd heard about the poison joke extract before...although never in person. It certainly seemed some pretty potent stuff...and he regretted to himself that he hadn't bothered to get any cure for his own personal safety. Definately something to make a mental note of...especially if it was capable of wreaking this kind of chaos!

'I can't see what happened to me! What happened!?'

*runs by again splatting Robi with a balloon of extract and running off*

* MudBuggy finally with a squeak she bucks Snowflake off and moves to her mud puddle, noticing how shiny her fur is.

* BrambleRose noses at MudBuggy... "You look fine... heck, you're all clean and neat... though my flower slid off..."

Maybe you're immune?

Uhh...*throws mud at Muddy and watches it slid off clean*

I think that IS the effect...

* MudBuggy eyes widen ever so noticably, one eye twitching.

Ugh I hate having to whisper *facehoofs*

* Robikku-Pegasus approaches the group with a small snicker - oh man, this was amusing. " ...Looks like things are getting a little crazy around here, eh? "

Snowflake grunts as he's suddenly thrown off muddy, landing on the ground next to Sherb, who now seems to be drenched. she lifts her mane with her hoof, revealing her brightly blushing face. "ooh, when I get my hooves on that creep..."

* MudBuggy lets out a loud yell of anger and shock.

* BrambleRose *eeps!* "What's wrong?!"

*waves at Robi and whispers* Yeah, been a wild day...

'Fixit!Fixitfixitfixit!!! I WANT TO BE MUDDY AGAIN!!!!'


Muddy, calm

* BrambleRose *squeaks* and shrinks back from MudBug's panic, her eyes wide and her pupils dialated...

" I can tell! " the pegasus said, glancing over the group - especially at the manic-looking pony screaming about being clean. " Although it seems like some of you were there at the start, crazy-wise. I'm guessing this is good ol' PJ-juju at work, eh? "

*still quiet* Yeah, our resident "Villain" decided to dose us, and the spa is out of cure...

From the previous two dosings today...

* MudBuggy hyperventilates as she tries to muddy herself.

MuDdY dEeP bReAtHs!

Dub *coughs and goes quiet* dagnabbit....

" Oh, that's just...super! " he said, sitting on his hind legs and giving a small nod. " I can see that being a pain - I hear that's not exactly something easy to get from here...the cure, that is. Looks like you're gonna have to find some somehow! "

*runs by and pours some extract on Robi and runs off*

* BrambleRose puts a tentative hoof on Muddy's shoulder. "I ... I know the cure! Please settle down!" She gets mud splashed up on her from Muddy's flailing...

* MudBuggy breaths deeply but whimpers as looks at her mud puddle fondly.

I just need to gather some ingredients from the Everfree Forest...

* Sherbet begins to pant heavily. "gah! it's so HOT!" she immediately jumps into her cart. strange sloshing noises would be heard before sherb's head pops out, her body coated in ice cream. "the everfree forest? but it's dangerous in there!"

Snowflake whines softly, scratching at the cart. he obviously want to back inside, but can't due to his size.

ugh Everfree....I should probably stick here, I get lost going from the the cake shop to the library...

'I'd track over an Ursa Major's MOUTH to get muddy again!'

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* Skye shudders!

Oh, it's not that bad... just gotta be careful... stick together while we look for the right plants?

* MudBuggy follows after.

"well... I guess as long as I got snow here..." Sherb nods at the polar bear, who nods in return and straps onto the cart. "hey you, the one with the funny voice! you wanna hitch a ride in my cart?"

* Robikku-Pegasus immediately finds himself up in the air...which wouldn't surprise him normally, but however this time he was unable to see his flightpath since he was heading in the opposite direction to where he was facing...colliding with a heap of trashcans behind him and flying into a signpost nailed into a wall, dazing him considerably for a moment!

HuH Oh *whispers* yeah sure heh...

OK, you guys get ready... I'm just gonna stop off at the shops and grab a couple supplies there, first, so that once I'm ready, I can just whip it up...

So I jUsT hOp In? *walks over to the cart*

* BrambleRose *winces* as he watches Robikku crash... "Whoah, careful there!"

* MudBuggy shifts eagerly.

* Robikku-Pegasus looks at Bramble rose - right now, it appeared there were two of him...but he shook it off and tried getting to his feet...only to immediately get launched into the hedges growing nearby behind him!

* BrambleRose makes her way over to one of the shops, stepping inside for a few minutes. She comes out soon, with a shopping bag in her teeth, prancing back to the cart. She looks like she's cleaned herself up a bit from the mud and blue goo that had been on her, all shiny and purple again.

The soaked filly nods. "yup, there's plenty of room in here! I just hope you don't mind getting sticky though..."

Heh, nO pRoBlEm, *whispers* you should see some of the parties I've hosted, way stickier *hops in the cart*

* BrambleRose tucks the shopping bag away into the cart... then prances over to Robikku ... "Do you need a bit of help there?" she asks...

*shivers* Oof, I think I sat in the Rocky Rhode

* Robikku-Pegasus reaches a hoof out, groaning as he tried shaking the stars from his vision. He could hear Bramble speak, but Dang if he knew what was being said...given that his ears were full of leaves and his head was full of Pain and stars!

Yeah, there's gonna be a lot of that going on.

* BrambleRose tucks her head down under Robikku's shoulder and helps him to his feet.. "Careful now," she says tenderly. "Don't try to fly... just lean on me... we'll get you to the cart..."

Looking good thus far, but his mark might be a bit too 'technical' for Ponyville...but if you maybe steampunked it up a bit.. :(

* Sherbet giggles lightly and lifts her wet mane. "I told you it was sticky in here... that joke made me all warm, and I't causing all the ice cream to melt... not that it matters since it's all ruined now... say, I never got your name, squeaky..."

* Robikku-Pegasus snorts slightly as he hears Brambles words. " easy for you to...Ouch...say - danged plants have... " He strains to keep his struggling-to-flap wings under control. " Well, they've got me stuck in reverse gear! "

*chuckles* DuBsTeP *coughs and whispers* daggone Poison Joke does this every time...

* MudBuggy waits for the cure a little impatiently.

* BrambleRose hrms.. she noses into her bags and pulls out a seed, pressing it into the ground under her hoof. Her horn glows a soft green color, and the ground under her hoof glows that same green, before a vine sprouts from there. She moves her hoof away as the vine grows up, twining round Robikku's leg to get up to his body, where it ties his twitching wings into place for him. Then Bramble Rose bites off the vine at the hip, so that he can walk. "Is that better?" she asks.

* Sherbet smiles. "nice to meet you Dubstep! my name's Sherbet." she turns to the other ponies, her mane flinging sweat at anybody nearby. "so, is everypony ready?"

*gets splashed a little* ready heh

* Robikku-Pegasus nods his head and gives a small wink of approval. " Woo, thanks for puttin' on the brakes for me - really appreciated, I don't really like the idea of hurtling at speeds in directions I can't see. "

* BrambleRose leads RObikku back to the cart, then smiles to Sherbet as the little delicate purple unicorn moves into place under Sherbet's harness. "I'll pull for you!" she chirps helpfully.

*puts on some traveling music*

* Sherbet nods to bramble. "well, ok! if you ever need help, Snowflake will be here!" she turns around once more, looking up at the polar bear grabbing onto the back of the cart.

* BrambleRose shakes her head. "Oh, no, I'll be fine. I'm glad to help a nice filly like yourself!" She lowers her head and pulls forward, straining, her hooves dragging little furrows into the dirt as she vainly tries to prove she's a bit strong gentlecolt... But the cart goes nowhere...

* Robikku-Pegasus glances at the polar bear and blinks. " Well hey - I can see you're having troubles yourself, Big guy...This joke is definately poison, that's for sure! "

DoN't oVeR dO yOuRsElF bLosS...I mEaN bRaMbLe!

* BrambleRose *nnnnghs*, hooves digging into the ground.. "Nono, I'm fine," she grunts. "It's just a little stuck..."

*watching from in the woods, just out of sight, snickering*

* Robikku-Pegasus grunts as his wings strain against the constraining vines...ugh, this was just embarrassing. Whoever had done this was definately going to receive a tad more than a strongly worded note when he caught up to 'em!

Snow gives robi a glare. he doesn't seem pleased with his current size. seeing that bramble is having trouble with the cart, he uses a single claw to push it, probably a bit fast for the pulling pony.

*to self still out of sight* Hmm, note to self, avoid the bear...

* BrambleRose *squeeks* and scrambles forward, nearly falling on her face! She quickly straightens herself up, chest forward, head up, prancing proudly as she 'pulls' the wagon, totally unaware that the giant polar bear is pushing it along. "See!" she chirps happily, "I've got it!"

*chuckles* You go Brambette!

* BrambleRose 's face turns red. "I'm not Brambette!"

*whistles innocently*

* Robikku-Pegasus frowns and shakes his head with a soft sigh. " Some days...some days just aren't worth gettin' out of the front door, I swear! " He mutters, sitting back down and muttering quietly to himself.

"off we go then!" sherb smiles, watching how snowflake gently pushed the cart as bramble 'pulled'.

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The small group of ponies approaching the Everfree Forest was a strange sight.

Just for starters, any group of ponies approaching the Everfree Forest would be a strange sight. The unnatural woods, its animals, plants, and weather independent of any pony magic whatsoever, was someplace most ponies chose to avoid.

Then there was the makeup of the group. A tied-up pegasus, a polar bear, a Peryton, a pristinely clean and sleek filly, a horribly sweating filly, and a squeaky colt, all of them acting stranegly, most of them piled up into an ice-cream cart, which was being pulled along by the smallest one amongst all of them - a tiny purple unicorn filly, 'helped along' with little nudges by the polar bear taking up the rear.

"Right," said Bramble Rose determinedly, the little unicorn looking up at the intimidating forest. "I've never actually BEEN here before, but I'm told the plants I need are in there somewhere... they grow close to the poison joke patchs, and have grown a natural immunity. Anyone familiar with this forest?"

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The situation was a little much for the Pegasus - his wings had been tied together to prevent him from catapulting backwards at speeds because of the effects of the cursed plant - something he had only encountered in the occasional tales of the unfortunate ponies who had experienced it first hand. Robikku had personally hoped to avoid Poison Joke's for all of his days - after all, amy sane pony had no business being in the everfree forest and they were more or less more commonly found there...

" Geez, this is humiliating - I can't go back to the university like this...I'd be both a laughing stock and a Destructive force! " He said, rolling his eyes at the sheer lunacy of the situation. " SO glad I have a free day today! " the pegasus added, muttering under his breath.

He had only gotten caught up in this whole mess by merely being a bystander - which was something he found both a little amusing and slightly alarming...but given that there was nothing else better to do, he just kinda found himself chuckling slightly at the complete absurdity of everything he found himself in. Given everything, he at least had gotten off lightly with the Poison Joke - and he was fortunate enough to have escaped anything that was more extreme...and he was fairly thankful for that.

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IT'S SO HOT! that was the only thought that echoed within Sherbet's mind. apparently the poison joke effect made her feel as though it was a blazing hot day. she couldn't stop sweating... not even if she jumped into a freezer, which she was already doing. she turned to check up on her pet polar bear, who had grown to full adult size thanks to the joke as well. clearly, he was not pleased with his current state.

completely forgetting she had a passenger behind her, Sherbet made a quick turn forward, causing her wet mane to slap against Dubstep. she leaned a little forward to take a better look at the colt-turned-filly. "sorry, but I've never been here either... everypony stays away from these parts, so I've never made my route to go this far out of town..."

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