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Stainless Steel Fox

Prince Blueblood, Designated antagonist.

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One of the things I've noticed in the RP forums is the lack of antagonists and challenges. While I like relationship based RPs as much as the next fox... pony, just relationship stuff on it's own is kind of bland.

That was one of the reasons i decided to take up Prince Blueblood. Even characters like Trixie and Gilda have amore positive fanbase than him. While anyone who reads my version of his backstory will see there's more to him than the shallow, self-absorbed plot-hole we cameto hate at the gala, that part of his character is still in place. He's not evil, just narcissitic, over-bearing, stuck-up and self-centred.

So, I offer him as an antagonist in any Canterlot based RP. Someone for the protagonist characters to pit themselves against. Of course, this being a universe where the magic of friendship and harmony are real, he's almost certainly going to end up on the short end of it, and probably covered in cake. But that's fine. I gurantee to provide any takers with a thouroughly unloveable jerk who you can feel a real satisfaction at getting the better of.

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Blueblood isn't really one for competitive sports, though he does train and keep in condition, but that's for appearance.

I also wince at the idea of a unicorn horn getting damaged. It's practically eye-scream from the way I think of horns. Overactive Mind has similar ideas. As far as I'm concerned, the horn isn't just spiral turns of stiff keratin, or even bone. I always imagined it to have a core of neural tissue, an extended ganglion like the optic nerve (Thaumic nerve?) except it's rooted in the forebrain (conscious thought, imagination, those sort of areas). Rather than terminating in a single structure, like an eye, it terminates in thousands of magical receptor/effector nodes, spread in a honeycomb of pockets throughout the inner surface of the horn. The bone spiral is the shell that protects it. Breaking off part of your horn would therefore be a brain injury.

But maybe she just chipped it... anyway that doesn't have anything to do with the case

To get him into a challenge you'd have to hit him in a weak spot. Fortunately, he has plenty, his pride in his position as the highest noble in Canterlot, his fastidiousness, his need to maintain his social position, you have plenty to work with.

If she can get invited to the right sort of party, she would bump into him. If she literally bumped into him, she might spill something on him. He will then give you attitude, especially as he will recognise you as a lesser status noble. If you can make him look bad, you can goad him into a challenge.

Of course, you may have your own ideas how to make it work. In fact, I hope you have plenty of your own. I will be interested to see where he can get help to learn the skill.

So, yes, I'm up for it.

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