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[Ponyville] Delivering the Mail[ENDED]

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Bolt walked quietly next to Carrot and listened "Wow that's so cool that you've liked astronomy ever since you were little. When I was a little filly I was always really interested in the weather because I grew up in cloudsdale and both my parents are weather ponies. It was only when I got really good at flying and started spending more time in the air that I really started liking the stars."

As Carrot started talking about how all of the constellation names were just made up by somepony she started feeling less embarrassed about admitting she made up her own names. She didn't even know why she told him that, she never really told anypony about that. Bolt blushed a little "Well yeah... I guess somepony did have to come up with all of the real names, I never thought of it that way."

Although Bolt had only blushed a little when she talked about making up constilation names when Dash called the two of them lovebirds she turned bright red. Aside from blushing she managed to keep pretty cool about the whole thing. Bolt made a silly face and stuck her tongue out at Dash "Very funny! doesn't flying like that make you sick? I HATE flying upside down" She was trying to get the attention off their conversation.

Bolt giggled as Carrot seemed a little too excited to finally be at the post office, she was pretty sure Dash was making him nervous. When Carrot asked her if tomorrow night was good, Bolt ducked her head a little bit and then looked at him with her big purple eyes "yeah... tomorrow night sounds good, I'll meet you by your farm?" At this point Bolt couldn't tell if she was still blushing, she was pretty excited about going on this...hmm... date? she still wasn't completely sure WHAT Carrot's intentions were, Bolt wasn't the best at figuring out Stallions.

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Watching the pair continue their conversation about stars and suddenly find that bump in the road that was her taunting, she couldn't help but let out a loud burst of snickering that she had to hold her belly for to contain it from going onto full blown laughter. She didn't want to come off as too much of a jerk for a little bit of fun.

Especially not since Bolt was one of her pals.

Rolling rightside up she couldn't help but grin at the pink pegasi with a great ammount of playfulness.

"Ah y'get used to it, y'just gotta have a strong stomache!"

And once again, they were back to their star talk. Jeez, these two were deep into their astrology...or....or was it astronomy? Whatever! Staronomy was interesting but not really entertaining.

But watching Carrot literally ask Bolt out, now THAT was interesting!

Blinking faintly she looked between the two and couldn't help but feel her mouth crinkle into a deeply amused smile, don't laugh. Don't laugh. And she was proud of herself, she didn't end up laughing, but she did end up giving a soft and good natured snicker.

"Hope y'get your mail sorted out, Carrot...and hope you both enjoy your date, huh?"

She was terrible. But that said. She flapped her wings and took off a good ten feet in the air, hovering over the two for a moment with a small smile.

"But I better get to those clouds hanging over Whitetail, the factory's been bustin' my chops about getting the quota done today. I'll make sure to keep the skies clear over that carrot farm of yours tonight, eh, Coltsanova?"

And with a wink and a flick of her frame, the living bullet soon took off through the sky.

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Carrot was on some sort of emotional high, even if he didn't show it ... too much physically, other than the incredible reddish blush upon his cheeks that he just couldn't hide. Fortunately, Bolt reflected the spotlight on the two of them some by bringing the conversation to Dash's unusual flying style.

Besides, they were finally here at the post office and he could finally mail his package. Then it dawned on him, he had been so distracted, first by the mysterious gray mailpony, and then by the lovely and friendly fillies who guided him to the post office, that he had actually forgotten his package by the tree where he first met the eccentric "Derpy". Well, now he felt really silly. Of all the dumb, forgetful, stupid ... Well at least he knew where the post office was now - he could go back for the package, and he certainly couldn't get anymore embarrassed that he already was.

That is, until Dash not only called the his planned stargazing with Bolt as a date, but she also called him "Coltanova"! Now he really felt on the spot! A million thoughts rushed through his mind as time seem to almost stand still. Was he presuming too much? Was she just just teasing? What did Bolt think? He could hear that always nagging negative voice in his mind again "Run you idiot, run! It's too much and you will fail! If you run now you'll never see them again!" That would be the easy way out, but it also would be the cowardly way out. In the back of his head, he heard his da's voice, Ach, would ye buck up, ye dumbtail! Instead, he just looked up at Dash with a goofy, embarrassed grin as he rubbed his hoof over the back of his head, "eh heh".

"Well Dash, that would be most sweet of ye tae do that for us, boot makin' sure th' clouds are clear by th' hill outside a town would be best", he grinned, trying to be as casual and confident as he could be. Then he turned to face Bolt, doing his best to keep all the self-doubt at bay, giving a sweet, sincere, and bashful smile. "So ... Umm, Oi'll meet ye at th' large viewing hill outside of town then, the one where they watched th' meteor showers jus' th' other week! Right after dusk would be bonnie, so Oi kin set everything up 'afore it gets tae dark and then Oi kin show ye all th' other prettiest scenes in th' sky!"

He nodded towards the post office. "Oi thankee kindly fer guidin' me here, then... Oi jes' realized Oi left me package back by Derpy, so oi'll jes go get it, an' now Oi know where it is!" He smiled to Bolt. "Lookin' forward tae seein' ye again!" Then he trotted off, quickly, before Rainbow Dash could make any other snide comments.

---Thread concluded---

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