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Bramble Rose

Purple Haze

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Name: Purple Haze

Gender: Female

Age: Young Filly

Species: Earth pony

Pelt Color: Dark Green

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Purple with Orange streaks

Eye Color: Purple

Cutie Mark: A purple haze carrot

Physique: lanky, slim, but tough.

Residence: She lives with her brother, Carrot Fields, on his farm in ponyville.

Occupation: School student, helps her brother with the farm

Motivation: To make AMAZING new recipes with carrots! To always keep experimenting and developing amazing new dishes! To help everyone enjoy carrots in every way possible!

Likes: family, cooking, carrots, dancing, selling carrots, Caber Bucking, tartan dresses, sewing, making friends, dancing

Dislikes: when people won't try her food, rain, school

Character Summary:

Purple Haze was always an eager young foal. She truly followed after the family ways - carrots are so awesome, and so versatile! Growing up in her little home-town of Fet Loch, she used to wheedle her brother into taking her and her experiments into town in his little red wagon so she could make a few bits selling pickled carrots, or carrot chips, or fried carrots to the ponies there. The bits were nice, but what really thrilled her was seeing the faces on ponies who were surprised at how good her cooking tasted.

Her family believes in cross-crafting their kids, sending them off to parts of the family in other parts of the country, to get a broader view of the world. One of her cousins is probably sleeping in her bed back home right now. She, meanwhile, is staying with her big brother, helping him set up his new farm in Ponyville. And making new friends, and inventing awesome new dishes, of course! And teasing him. It's SO much fun to tease him! And if all else fails, to give him the big wibbly lip and watery eyes to get him to cave.

She loves selling carrots, and has elaborate speeches ready at a moment's notice about the benefits and wonderful possibilities of carrots - though her thick Scottish accent sometimes gets in the way of folks understanding her. She's soooo proud of the little cart her big brother Carrot Fields made for her, and she'll puff herself up and proudly tell anyone who comments on it that SHE helped too! When her big brother goes to market with his raw carrots, she'll often be following after with her lil' cart full of carrot dishes.

There's two things more important to her than anything: family, and cooking carrots. And it's her great joy that she's able to do both. She's just a young filly at the moment, and her dreams are of simple things - colts, a farm of her own, and maybe, sometimes, when she's really dreaming - she dreams of cooking in a diner where she could serve up her dishes for customers.


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