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  • QuickLime

    Guidelines and Etiquette for Chatting and Rping In CanterChat

    By QuickLime

    Hello and Welcome to QL'S Guide! I know I already posted earlier today on how to Register your nickname on Canterchat! Link to it is here! But for now I want to talk to you about how one should act, and roleplay in the new and improved Canterlot IRC Irc is a bit different than the old chat, this guide will be broken up into 3 parts 1: Name Etiquette 2: Chatting Etiquette 3: Roleplaying Etiquette Name Etiquette It should BE obvious but you should NEVER use a username that is not yours, and when

Forget me not

Perhaps a little too much hard light here. A tripod and quicker shutter speed would have been nice I guess. Thanks to my Dad for identification (Myosotis). Have just ordered a Tamrac Zipshot tripod for traveling. Camera: Canon Model: Canon PowerShot G12 ISO: 80 Exposure: 1/800 sec Aperture: 4.0 Focal Length: 6.1mm Flash Used: No Source



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