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About this blog

This is where I exposit my lore that I've been building up in my head.

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Griffon Lore.

This came about based off what I've seen from the show and is meant to counter the idea that Griffons are represented in fanon sometimes as part of a warrior empire.   Griffons are highly independent creatures that have no significant form of a society of their own. Their once prosperous kingdom fell during the reign of King Guto when the Idol of Boreas was forever lost. Griffonstone is the last remnants of what could be considered Griffon society, but it is merely just a hotspot for G



Changeling Origins.

This was brought to me over the question: Why do the changelings feed off of emotions and stuff? The original deceptive predatory nature of the Changeling seemed pointless when the Changelings could have just integrated themselves with the pony society. It's such predatory nature that is the reason why they were feared by ponies in the first place.    Changelings weren't always, well, Changelings. They were originally known as "Love Bugs," living in conjunction with the ponies. They lo



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