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About this blog

A place where I'll out my art  and what not :)

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Twilit Art

heyaa Sorry that I've been dead, just finished up applying for schools and what not so that's been boring. BUT I did get a new drawing tablet which works really nicely and is a major upgrade from my old one!! I like the brushes I've been experimenting with too   Anyway, have a spiffy twilight drawing I did, probably gonna do the rest of the Mane 6 as well and maybe some other characters since I got a month of freedom now. (You can also find this drawing on my DeviantArt and


moonatlas in Art

Nimble Nap

Just a small doodle of my OC Nimble Rain chillin out on a cloud. I always like doodling her, shes got like a comfort character vibe. I originally wasn't gonna color it, but I decided to do a little extra. Maybe I'll put out a more polished piece soon? who knows.  



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