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So, Yesterday at Morning Muster...




blog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifblog-0317064001330472051.gifOk, so yesterday, at morning muster, we had a new petty officer, who recently checked onboard like... last week. Well, there's a pattern that all new PO's fall into when they get onboard into Deck Department:

1.Observation period. (Normally a few days)

2.Notices how disorganized the department is.

3.Tries to change the department to make life better for the seamen, and get things done more efficiently.

4.Realizes that all his efforts are for naught (mostly because the department heads just don't really care), and eventually gives up.

5.Becomes a total douche.

Well, as predicted by the aforementioned pattern, this PO holds us after muster, and says, and I quote: "Alright, guys. I noticed that this department is all kind of *expletive*'d up. And we're gonna do something about that. So, we're gonna organize the work schedule a little bit."

Of course, me being a brony, I was shot back to "Winter Wrap-Up." So, my first thought (as well as the first thing that came out of my mouth) was "Aye aye, Petty Officer Twilight Sparkle!"

Of course, since nobody else in the department is a Brony, they all looked at me like "WTF?"

So, now I'm the weird guy in my department. Go figure.

Pic kinda related.



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