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Taking the Night Off




blog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifblog-0668368001333370616.gifWell, since I've spent all night playing Borderlands and Roleplaying, I haven't gotten any sleep tonight, so accordingly, I'm taking the night off. I more than likely won't be doing any Roleplay tonight, so I can get a little bit of sleep. God knows I need it. I'll do some roleplay throughout the day, when I get the chance, but tonight's still in the air. It really all depends on how I feel after I get off work.

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