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Underway! (Explaining my Absence)




blog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgblog-0400229001334023904.jpgAlright. This sucks. I'm going to be underway for 5 days in transit to a port. I'll be there for a week, then off to another port for a week, then eventually back home. This is going to be almost a span of a month. Which really sucks. The good news is that while in port, I'll be able to RP whether I'm on duty or not. Bad news... I'm on the watch bill. >.< Good news (For my readers) I'm going to be writing the entire time I'm not on watch. (Or I'll be playing Devil May Cry 3... All possibilities.) Even better news, I'll lose more weight. xD Until I hit New Orleans. GULF SEAFOOD AND CAJUN CUISINE HERE I COME!


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We will all miss you when you are gone! So, let me get this right ... when you're en route to a port you won't have internet access? Is that what you're telling us?

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